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South Sudanese Warring Factions Sign Peace Agreement in Sudan








South Sudan’s President Kiir has signed a peace agreement Wednesday with the rebels which will set the pace for a ceasefire to kick in within 72 hours. The foreign minister of Sudan where the deal was brokered has confirmed to the press although some parts of the agreement were rejected by the rebels.

The war between soldiers under the command of President Salva Kiir and troops loyal to the former Vice-President Riek Machar which broke in 2013, has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people, 3 million more have been displaced as they flee from violence. Previous attempts to broker a peace accord has been shortlived.

Ahead of a final settlement that would allow for humanitarian assistance to be delivered, prisoners freed and a transitional unity government to be formed after four months as part of the framework agreement. The Sudanese foreign minister Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed has said.

Barely two days of talks between President Salva Kiir and vice-president turned rebel leader Riek Machar has emerged a peace agreement. With other opposition figures, it makes provision for the setting up of a unity government to rule for three years, to be followed by a general election.

Speaking to reporters after the signing ceremony, Machar said ”This agreement signed today and the ceasefire will end the war in South Sudan and opens a new page,” while at the same time praising what he considers as establishing trust with their northern neighbour.

President Kiir has said he would ”commit respectful” to the terms of the deal.

The proposal of three different capitals for South Sudan to distribute power was rejected by the Machar camp. Even the resumption of oil production before any reasonable peace settlement effort was discarded. The idea of foreign troops to be dispatched into Sudan Sudanese territory to monitor the ceasefire was frown upon.










Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst


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