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Southern Cameroons Congress of the People Reacts to the Creation of ABC Amba TV



Southern Cameroons Congress

Southern Cameroons Congress of the People Reacts to the Creation of ABC Amba TV

The Southern Cameroons Congress of the People (SCCOP) has welcomed the announcement by the Interim Government of Ambazonia, creating a state-owned satellite television – ABC Amba tv. In a press released signed by its Spokesperson, Dr. G Fohtung, the organization salutes particularly;

“… the simplicity, lucidity and honesty that was contained in that announcement, and the explanations provided. We must never relent in our efforts to re-educate our people to begin to expect truth in simplicity from their leadership. We salute this announcement because through this action, our revolution has registered one more victory towards the empowerment of our Fourth Estate, a diversified and engaging media space.”

SCCOP, in the press release extols the importance of the Fourth Estate (or fourth power) (news media or press) as a segment of society that wields a significant influence on society especially in information dissemination and the democratization process.

“As we all know Freedom of expression is important for democracy, because it enables the public to participate in making decisions based on the free flow of information and ideas. Without it, people would be unable to make informed decisions.” The release stated.

The release goes further to state examples of official/public/government friendly media houses that follow an editorial policy to suite a specific policy agenda such as; CNN which is Pro-Democrats, Fox News- Pro-Republicans, Russia Today -Pro-Kremlin.

Consequently, “it is it is totally OK for ABC Amba TV to be a Pro IG News outlet that will advance an IG-Centric narrative in favour of our revolution. We encourage our people to support this initiative as we continue to support and strengthen this Interim Government.”

SCCOP therefore calls on the people of Ambazonia not to however forget that the SCBC, which has been the nightmare of the Yaoundé Regime, leading to many high level diplomatic initiatives by the colonial regime seeking to shut down the channel. The staff and board of the SCBC therefore have a vision to professionalize it and improve its service to the Ambazonian people and beyond.

“Therefore, the Congress of the People calls upon all Ambazonians to massively support the SCBC board and management to take this channel to the next level. We all attest to the fabulous job they have been doing; SCBC can finally become the people’s channel in ownership and management, developing an editorial policy that fosters unity amongst our people and strengthens our revolution. We therefore invite our people to examine the sustainability model they will propose and massively support them so that together we can give LRC a double-Nightmare. We will be running campaigns and mobilizing our people from far and wide to support and keep the SCBC alive.”

“The journey towards the creation of a vibrant, democratic and developed state of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia has entered full gear as we come of age and make these significant strides towards developing a vibrant media space. Competition (of ideas as in the case of goods and services) and contestation (engaging with diversified views all intended to advance our struggle) is not only a sign of maturity but can be healthy once certain rules of engagement are respected. Our people will be offered a diversity of products to enrich their consumption experience and will simply vote with their wallets to continue supporting the media outlet that is meeting their expectations.” The release noted.

The management and executive board of SCBC, recently had series of disagreement with the Communications Department of the IG, relating to the ownership and editorial policies if the television. This has led to the creation of the ABC AMBA TV by the IG as an exclusively state-own television.


James Agbor



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Interim Government of Ambazonia Creates State-Own Satellite Television



  1. Nchaw

    August 1, 2018 at 12:52 AM

    LA republic will get double heart attack as day goes by.
    As AMBAZONIANS claimed two Live Television Broadcast Centers in just few time.
    No to imperialism
    No to Recolonization
    No to Annihilation
    Freedom we must.

  2. Bali Nyonga

    August 1, 2018 at 5:30 PM

    SCBC managers and by extension members of SCCOP took Ambazonians for chumps, make them sustain a Tv station through rocky start when most start-off businesses perish, grow viewership and turn around make it private to enrich themselves by making demands that are contrary to the initial vision of the station. Whilst I wish them well in their quest to make profit for themselves even if it means crippling the Ambazonian revolution, the bad-mouthing of MTTB during Sec Chris’ last presentation and rudely cutting him off will be remembered for long.

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The IG and ASC Are Focused On Winning The Liberation War- Homeland Security



No Ambazonia No Cameroon




June 18, 2018

Dear Ambazonians:
Accept revolutionary greetings from your humble servant. I want to clarify some aspects stated in multiple audios that have emerged on social media recently because you, the people of Ambazonia, deserve to know the truth about IG workings toward our independence restoration.

First, we recognize that, at this stage of our liberation war, stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. Despite our challenges, we are making significant progress and the enemy is desperately using all crooked methods and agents to weaken our momentum and determination. I can assure you that we have crossed a point of negative return. Thus, our focus is Buea and nothing but Buea.

Second, I want to assure Ambazonians that your leadership, in the IG and ASC, is not sleeping. Together with other groups and individuals, we are leveraging resources and expertise and opportunities on the diplomatic and self-defence fronts. We are aware that some attacks on the IG are ploys by LRC with the intent to understand how IG and ASC operate. We will not fall to the trap of the enemy. For security and safety reasons, the diplomatic activities of the IG and self-defence activities of the ASC are embedded in a complex web for the success of the liberation war. These tactics and strategies are bringing success. While we recognize that mistakes are made, which is normal as humans, and like any Government, we will learn and emerge stronger.

Third, the IG, like the ASC, has well established processes and mechanisms of operation and manned with bright Ambazonians that we shall all be proud of when we celebrate our victory in Buea. This liberation fight is above any one person and therefore, we must channel our energies, ideas and resources to ultimately restore our statehood.
Fourth, there is so much noise out there especially in the social media. Yes, we will continue to use social media as one of our weapons. But, we would like to encourage fellow Ambazonians to ask difficult questions whenever they receive an audio. Not every audio, video, or analysis is entirely from Ambazonia. Most of the time, this information is deliberately circulated by LRC agents as one of their tools to create confusion among Ambazonians.

Finally, we are working within an international community and our actions and behavior strives to remain within the international norms. On behalf of the men and women who work day and night in the IG, I want to assure Ambazonians that we are up and above our task. The ultimate goal of Ambazonians independence is non-negotiable and we are closer to victory than ever before.

We are working together, for the good of everyone, and we count on your usual support and loyalty.

Thank you,
Secretary of State Department of Homeland Security

Federal Republic of Ambazonia

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‘Amba Soldiers’ feed passengers/travelers, halt traffic, carryout their routine checks.









‘Amba Soldiers’ feed passengers/travelers, halt traffic, carryout their routine checks….

This is an eye witness account from this writer as once again, I came face-to-face with a group of ‘amba soldiers/forces’.

It was exactly 5:37pm on Wednesday 13, 2018 as the Ayah Foundation embarked on a very dangerous journey to Belo to pick up Mama Sam Soya and kids from their hideout in the bushes, after which we then left straight to Buea, through another dangerous road, the Mamfe-Kumba stretch, when suddenly, we met a graveyard silence at the abovementioned time.

About a hundred cars were parked on the road, several passenger on their feet, others seated, as I moved to the front to find out for myself what the halt was all about. No one dared give me an answer as I progressed to the front asking what was the matter, as I could feel fright in the eyes of many. Suddenly, a loud voice from the bush answered my unanswered questions.

‘Everybody should step down from his/her car, turn off his/her phone, hold his/her ID card, neither make nor take any calls, step by the side of the road and sit down for a while…. ‘, the voice said. Then and only then did I understand what was going on, for I had come across a similar scenario before. The voice repeated the instructions several times, insisting they would harm nobody unless they are provoked to so do.

I immediately moved to the car like several others, took late Sam Soya’s kids with me and obeyed the instructions to the letter. I feared for the widow and kids who had been through a lot already, saying to myself that all must be done to ensure their safety, even if it meant laying down my life for them. They had been through a lot and on no account should they be hurt.

Then the ‘amba soldiers’ started doing the rounds, repeating the instructions and insisting they won’t hurt anyone, and begged us not to provoke them to act. They showed a spot at every sitting point where all phones were kept, insisting that no phone will go unaccounted for. Then suddenly, one of them came and stood exactly before my sitting point, with his gun, to the dead silence of us all. We stirred at each other for a while as if to communicate through witchcraft, when suddenly I chose to interrupt the communication by tilting my eyes to another direction. He didn’t move an inch until we left, as he kept repeating the instructions to all and pleading for our cooperation.

Then, what I feared the most occurred: among the Cars that kept adding to the lot, came a ‘francophone’. His poor English betrayed him. Strangely, the ‘Anna soldiers’ didn’t act brutally to his person as most of us anticipated until he refused to obey instructions that all others had obeyed. He was told to step down with all his phones and ID card, turn off the phones and sit by the side of the road. Not only was he strangely sluggish in the face of armed men especially knowing the context, but he equally refused to sit down after been told to do so on several occasions. Two guys jumped on him as another rushed to the ‘soldier’ who was standing before us asking for his gun in order to ‘waste’ (in his own words) the said life. I knew it could be over for the francophone in a couple of minutes if no one intervened.

Suddenly, I made myself off the ground to plead for his life to be spared but didn’t offer a word to the ‘Anna soldier’ standing directly before me, fearing I could provoke him. He told me to sit down, seemingly very offended by the fact that I stood up, while telling his colleagues to let go the ‘francophone’. In his own words, he said: “wuna no waste ye, he’s not our problem. But wuna warn ye say we no wan hear da language for here. If e no fit langua we language, make ye silence….”, He said…

Then came super, as they called it. They offered to all passengers who were seated some whisky. At least 3 cartoons got the lower section wherein I was seated with the widow and orphans, much to the relief of many after been overpowered by fear. They told everyone to drink and have fun while firmly insisting that their instructions must be obeyed. They served us all beginning with the francophone who was in an ugly situation minutes earlier. They said those who needed more could ask for more. They them apologized for keeping us there, adding that they were giving their colleague who had just been killed a befitting burial, reason why they needed no movement as they equally were in search of people they consider traitors.

About two hours later, the Armed men then asked us to all stand up an pick our phones from the ground. They then asked repeatedly if there was anybody who had not gotten into possession of his/her phone. They repeated the question several times and got no negative answer. Then that loud voice, whose face I have never seen, apparently their boss, said from the bush: ‘make all man make sure say e Don take e phone and ID. A no wan make any man go talk say amba boys den don tif ye phone. We no b tif pipo. So man whey e nova see ye phone make e talk’. As they got assurance to the positive, they then asked us all to leave and wished us a save journey.

Before we left, I moved towards cobra, as he was called by his colleagues (the soldier who was standing directly before me) and thanked him for sparing us all while adding that he should thank the others for sparing the life of the francophone who was in deep shit. It would have been very messy for him if he didn’t intervene. Then we left.

After about a minute drive, just a stone throw from where the ‘Amba Soldiers’ stopped us, we met a mixed control check point. Therein, we all noticed that the military were well aware of what was happening just before their noses as they laughed at us and told us it’s good we have an idea of what they undergo daily. It appeared there was some some of “don’t-step-on-my-territory” mutual agreement between the two camps. One mum was even heard saying to them: ‘so wuna b know say Amba dem just dey for down here hein!”. And yes off course they knew it. For over two hours, no car moved toward either direction of the road. Only one reason can explain why they didn’t dare intervene, which reason you’ll best understand if/when ever you meet the fierce and armed “Armed Forces”

By Ayah Ayah Abine

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Breaking News

Ambazonia Restoration Forces Roar in Little Known Meanja Towards Buea.



Interim Government of Buea






Ambazonia Restoration Forces Roar in Little Known Meanja Towards Buea.

There are clear indicants that Ambazonia Restoration forces are gradually but surely making their way into Buea, the Federal Capital territory of Ambazonia. They are taking their time to first of all defend the inhabitants of the peripheral villages from colonial aggression and the genocidal atrocities of the terrorist forces of La Republic du Cameroun.

BaretaNews has now confirmed that last night, may 4th, 2018, the Restoration boys responded in self-defense after their convoy came under attack from colonial terrorist forces of LRC at Mile 30, Meanja Rubber Estate, Muyuka Local Government Area. The colonial agents had taken up positions at the Meanja Rubber Factory just beside the main road at Mile 30. Of course, they were there to protect the source of money which they use to fight the very people producing the wealth.

It is important to note that the Meanja Rubber Factory is situated at Mile 30, not far from Mile 29, where we have the Suppermont factory, where they produced bottled water and brew soft drinks. BaretaNews is told that, as restoration forces approached the area over the night, they were suddenly confronted by gun shots being fired from the direction of the Rubber Factory, just beside the road. It was clear that the enemy forces were around.

In a tactical maneuver, and being masters of the terrain, they retreated, before coming back through the nearby bushes. In the confrontation that followed, one colonial terrorist was neutralized and the others took to their heels abandoning the remains of their terrorist colleague. Workers of the Mile 30 CDC, therefore woke up this morning to see the body of a neutralized colonial agent lying around the factory.

This morning, the three CDC camps of Meanja Central, Mile 30 and Mile 29 have been in commotion, as workers and their families have all disappeared into the bushes for fear of LRC’s usual burning spree and mayhem on the innocent civilians. Denizens from these areas have been contacting BaretaNews from the Bushes to tell their stories.

You remember our prophetic poem of the 1990s posted on the Facebook page of Mark Bareta, CEO of BaretaNews yesterday? “From the depths of little known Meanja, shall come liberty’s soldiers…”

Are the terrorist soldiers also going to burn down the houses (CDC Camps) of those economically sustaining their aimless war in Ambazonia? We wait to see.

Mainwhile, restoration forces are also reported to have engaged the colonial vagabonds yesterday in Mbalangi, a village along the Buea-Kumba road, with many colonial terrorists reported to have been neutralized. Early this morning Saturday May 5th 2018, the restoration boys were said to be controlling the movement of vehicles along that road.

In confirmation of this story, a BaretaNews source in Kumba, headquarter of Meme County, last night sent in the below statement:

“Good evening sir; as I was coming down from around the SDO’s office here in Kumba, I saw one colonial military truck filled with death soldiers in the Kumba general hospital mortuary, but I can’t tell where it was coming from, but I asked the taxi man he told me that this same truck bypassed him around Buea-Road with grass hanging in front of the truck and also with their gun proof and uniforms littering in the truck. It’s a pity”

BaretaNews can only conclude that the War is real and Ambazonians did not bargain for it. Colonial President Paul Biya, crossed the internationally defined boundary at the Mungo and declared war on the sovereign people of Ambazonia. Restoration forces are simply defending the homeland and the colonial terrorists and their government must operate within the international rules of engagement. They must understand that they do not have the monopoly of burnings or atrocities

It is not by burning down villages and killing innocent civilians that would earn them victory. They should face the restoration forces and leave innocent Ambazonian civilians and their homes in Peace.

The Battle for Buea is real. Ambazonian Citizens anywhere in the homeland must be alert and ready to act fast in order to avoid the frustration and anger of these colonial vagabonds at any time.

Ultimate freedom for Ambazonia and our arrival in Buea is our priority.



James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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