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Ambazonians Will Win This War Together-International Legal Expert



Interim Government of Buea







Together we can end revolution with a victory!

The blood of every Southern Cameroonian killed in this revolution can not be spilled in vain. The limb of every Southern Cameroonian lost in this revolution cannot be lost in vain.
The certificates, homes and property of every Southern Cameroonian burned down into ashes by LRC all can not be sacrificed in vain.

Yes I say they cannot be spilled or lost or sacrificed in vain because LRC is very wicked, yet neither indomitable nor invisible. For LRC has already lost a key battle in this revolution. The battle for winning the hearts, souls and trust of the people of Ambazonia on ground zero who now live in constant fear not knowing who LR’s next victim would be?

My dear comrades, even more important is the fact I want to bring your attention to that, NO one man or one group or one village standing alone can defeat LRC in this revolution without others. LRC can only be quickly defeated when there exist real interdependence between the various groups and various leaders.

I need not belabor the point here again that SOCADEF & ADF need each other, The RED DRAGONS AND ARA need each other, the IG, Ground Zero and the Diaspora populations need each other. And finally, we need the presence of our ancestors and God between us if we must continue to enjoy their blessings and guidance throughout this struggle up to restoration day in Buea.

And now to all my people on ground zero (who own this struggle and who are the true leaders of this revolution), let me equally assure you that regardless of the level of interdependence and seeming divisions between our different groups and different leaders, this struggle only gets better with each passing day, week or month.

The more divided we appear to be in the eyes of the public, the more confused LRC appears to be with each new strategy designed to kill our people and ultimately reconquer us. To put this theory into practical perspective, simply ask yourself this question; if LRC sent you to bribe Ambazonia to stop fighting for our restoration, which leader or which group will you bribe that standing alone is capable of selling and killing this revolution ? I leave you to ponder over the correct answer to this question yourselves.

Haven said that, let me emphatically conclude that we still badly need each other, And the sooner we learn that, the better for our revolution for total restoration.

Togther with courage, hope, unity and love, we can end this revolution with a resounding victory right now. Let’s end this war with a victory for all our wounded. Let’s end this war with a victory for all those whose certificates, homes and property have been burnt down. Yes, we can end this war with a victory for all those who have paid the ultimate price. Yes, let’s do this for future generations and for mother Ambazonia.

Dr. David makongo

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