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The School Year Will Be Blank-Direct Your Energy To Statehood Restoration.



The School Year Will Be Blank-Direct Your Energy To Statehood Restoration.

Let us remind ourselves for the following:

1. Lawyers and teachers have been protesting for over two months- no genuine solutions. Instead, they throw insults at us.

2. Lawyers were molested and maimed like common criminals- no apologies from the Government. They instead laughed and mocked at us

3. Our people were shot, wounded and killed- No apologies from the government. They instead went to Etoudi and celebrated. They said we are terrorists.

4. University students were brutally beaten, treated as slaves, raped, arrested- No apologies from government, they laughed and said those are “Anglofools”

5. Biya came out on Dec 31st and bullied us in his new year speech and said we are extremists

6. Our leader Dr Fontem saw his car burnt through a deliberate act by La Republique agents, the government is silent. Even the Vice-Chancellor Dr Nalova on which the incident happened on the campus has not condemned the act. They are happy

7. Our leaders have been arrested, our mouth piece-Consortium supposedly banned. They are intimidating the people

8. Our Bishops and clergy wrote, but they have been largely ignored. They said “Who are these also? ”

9. As if that was not enough, they cut off the internet from West Cameroon to deprive us of the fundamental freedom of expression.

10. Yet they forced us to go to school without solving any issues raised, without releasing our compatriots from jails.

11. We only asked for a return of the statehood as we agreed- they said no way, you must stay with us. “Abi married na by force?”

12. Our resources are being plundered with impunity with no corresponding benefits to our people- they still do not care, after all, we are slaves

13. Our streets are militarised with war vehicles, intimidating the people with a foreign oppressing language.

We have been treated as pigs. We have been treated as lesser human beings. Do we really want to go back to school after reading all that above? No, we would continue fighting till we restore our statehood. We have had enough and it is time to take back our country. We would continue engaging in non-violent actions such as the Ghost Towns which will continue next week Mondays and Tuesdays on every each week.

Stay strong and let us continue this fight together

Mark Bareta.

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