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Elections in the Cameroons: The Place Of “Anglophones”



People from the Cameroons (La Republique Du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons) understands very well the political situation back home. For those who have studied both regimes of Ahidjo and Paul Biya vis-a-vis, the western influence will somewhat agree with BaretaNews. For those who understand how political change is being achieved will agree with BarataNnews. For those who have been waxing for change in the Cameroons will agree with BaretaNews. We would agree that we cannot just fold our arms and expect some other people to bring the change we seek. We must go for it.
Now, BaretaNews understands the place of the diaspora. The Diaspora have their roles though limited. Because of some reasons, Cameroons diasporans can freely talk and propagate ideas different from those back home, but once such ideas or talks do not translate on the ground then it is good as nothing. However, this should not stop the diasporans from talking. BaretaNews thinks the online campaign is already doing a tremendous job. Minds are changing and Cameroonians are becoming more political active to a little extent.
However, the focus of this talk is based on Southern Cameroonians or call them Anglophones who have decided to participate in the electoral process in the Cameroons. Many old, young and new politicians are coming up, but most of us have been in a bit quick to knock them out before they even start. BaretaNews had always posited that the independence of Southern Cameroons is legitimate and within international law, in fact, it is the right of Southern Cameroonians or Anglophones to achieve self-determination but such will not come only from talking and wishful thinking.

Therefore, Ambazonia or not, Southern Cameroons or not. We must come to the reality that Southern Cameroons is part and parcel of La Republique as in under occupation. Part and Parcel in this sense that La Republique has taken Southern Cameroons as part of its own territory that’s why Southern Cameroonians uses her money, flag, sings her anthem, pay taxes etc. La Republique has given Southern Cameroonians though a subjugated people an opportunity to run for offices from Councils to the Highest office though most often the regime in place steals the victory from the people.

We cannot refuse those Southern Cameroonians who have decided to participate in any of those elections, no we cannot take such right from them. It is their political decision and they should be ready to bear the consequences. Change they say come from a committed few, not from a majority following. Those agents who are eager for an independent Southern Cameroons should not depend on others political vision. This is what they should and must do.
1. Sell your ideologies
2. Propagate it very well
3. Go into action to achieve this dream
4. Slaughter any person on your way who seem to take that dream from you.
If your dream comes to fruit, both victors, losers, opportunist will have no choice than to join. After all, no one is more Southern Cameroonian than the other. BaretaNews hates to hear activists of Southern Cameroons shunning those who want to participate in the Cameroons to bring political change in their own way. Let them be, do yours and let your actions speak. We must understand the political realities in the Cameroons.
God is still saying something.

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