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Millan Writes To Ambazonians, Defends Self Against IG Commission, Insist To Strengthen His New Group SCCOP








What Would Sisiku have done in Such a Circumstance?

Fellow Comrades,

George Orwell once said; « If you gave a nose to someone who never had one, he would be blowing all day”. The same holds for some of the people who have been given the chance to lead us but who seem to be power drunk instead. It is with great disappointment that I am forced to address some misinformation regarding myself and the investigations into the Nera Hotel Abductions. I have listened to the Interview granted by His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako.

Generally I would not respond to absurd stories told about me on social media. And there is a lot that is being said about me. But when the people conferred with the task of leading us to Buea use their their offices for nefarious ends and to sabotage others, I have to step up. I have listened again to His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako. Not once did he say anything wrong or negative against me or any of the purported suspects of the Nera 12 abductions. I can only but conclude that certain individuals within the Interim Government are trying to take advantage of the situation as usual to sabotage and destroy those they deem to be threats to their childish ambitions.

There is narrative out there that says I had refused to cooperate with the Commission of Enquiry on the Nera Abductions. This is a blatant lie. In fact, while his Excellency Rev. Sako was busy giving the interview, one of the Commissioners tasked with the enquiry was on the phone with me and we spoke for over two hours. As soon as I dropped the phone, I was bombarded calls from my friends all over expressing their worries. I have decided that instead of responding to my friends one by one, I should state the facts once and for all.

Sometime in early February His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako called me just after being nominated as acting President and told me he understood I was a close collaborator to Sisiku and did a lot to build our revolution and the Interim Government. However, he wanted to ask me to stop playing any further role within the Interim Government formal or informal as he intended to launch investigations into the abduction. He felt it was necessary for everyone who was concerned with the issue to step aside. I duly informed him that I had taken a decision way back in December not to play any further role in the revolution and I was taking a sabbatical for three months, after which I would decide what to do. I also informed him that if I were to participate in any enquiries, it would be important that the Terms of Reference were clearly understood by all involved so as to avoid confusion and he agreed. We also spoke about some within the Interim Government whose ambitions, greed and thirst for power, saw the Nera Abductions as an opportunity to alienate others and try and entrench their positions. These same people instead of playing their communications role, were instrumental in leaking information to third parties on social media for nefarious reasons.

I learned later on that the same group of individuals within cabinet had caucused and were pushing for a prolonged process of the investigation as a means of “keeping Millan and his people away from the government”. While some argued that they should give the investigations a six month span, others argued for a nine month span. I found this to be childish as anyone who understands investigations into crime would tell you, the first few hours are crucial – let alone trying to carry out an investigation months after the act. So could all the delay in carrying out these investigations have been influenced by these individuals? While I have always said that I have no interest in being part of the Interim Government, I would have a problem if certain individuals (deemed to be my friends) are being alienated from their own government because of the insecurity of some incompetent individuals within the interim government wanting to hold on to their positions.

On 29th March I received a whatsapp message from a certain “Blasius” stating that he was the Chairman of the Commission of Enquiry. He wanted to set a date for a meeting. In spite of my misgivings, and because of the very unprofessional approach, and no formal introduction of the enquiry I still thought it useful to cooperate. I duly responded saying that I am glad the commission has finally been activated. I wrote: “It has taken forever to get the commission going. Like I had mentioned to Comrade Sako, I would like to see the Terms of Reference of the Commission and its scope before participating. I am keen to make a contribution to whatever will help shed light on what happened. But also contribute as best as I can to bring the truth to bear. However, I will not participate in any exercise that is cosmetic and that has no teeth. If the commission has the mandate to dig deep, get to the bottom of issues and tell the truth as it sees it, I would participate. If it is another exercise that seeks to shelf findings, then of course it would be a waste of my time…once I get clarity, we can proceed to having a discussion.” A day later, the gentleman responded by saying “Mr. Millan, after careful review of your request or concerns, we have decided that we cannot accommodate those concerns or worries at this time.” I never heard from him again.

A month later, I contacted His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako and informed him that I had not heard from his emissary. But also registered my concerns about the depth of the investigations. I, just like millions of our people was also dying to know the truth about Nera and who had set everyone up for capture including myself. He assured me that there would be no reason to hide anything and that he was also keen to get to the bottom of the affair. We concluded by him assuring me that he would ask the gentleman to contact me. That has never happened.

In the course of our discussion, I also informed His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako about the formation of the Southern Cameroons Congress of the People and the role we thought it could play in fostering the revolution. One of the key weaknesses we had identified was the almost complete absence of political education and grassroots mobilization, especially on ground zero since the banning of the SCNC and the Consortium. We felt that SCCOP could try and fill that gap. I further informed him that SCCOP will be launching in a few weeks and we would like him to be the keynote speaker. His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako responded by acknowledging that he had also identified the gaps which SCCOP wanted to address. But this could not be the fault of his government as he met the same gaps when he took over. I assured him that it was not a government weakness but rather a role that a government cannot play under normal circumstances. He said he had been thinking of ways to fill the gap and that instead of having an independent movement, we should rather make it a department in the Interim Government.

I pointed out two things: Firstly, the reason you need an independent movement to educate and radicalize the people is because a government should not be seen doing it. The role of a government is to offer direction and leadership at high strategic level. Playing both grassroots mobilization, radicalization of the population would compromise any government trying to also carry out diplomatic offensive. Certain roles can only be played by a movement and a government. Therefore I did not see how the government could take the place of a movement, especially in the context where existing movements were hostile to the Interim Government, SCCOP hoped to play a friendlier role. Secondly, I do not understand how he would expect me to operate within the same government he had asked me to stay away from only a few weeks ago. What had suddenly changed that all of a sudden he found me useful within some department in the Interim Government? How would the detractors he was trying to appease react if they knew that the one who contaminates leadership was brought closer? His only response was that he preferred that I just give talks at seminars and hold on till he had consolidated his power. He further stated that he will not participate at the launch and prefers to maintain a neutral stance. We both parted on those terms. SCCOP would launch as an independent movement friendly to the Interim Government.

On the 20th April, I wrote to His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako, reminding him that I had not heard from his emissary who was in charge of the investigations. I also expressed some of the concerns I had regarding the lack of clear Terms of Reference. (You can all find copies of my letter which has been leaked by someone within the Interim Government to social media). One would imagine that for such an important exercise as an investigation into the abduction of our leaders, concerning state parties, our government should at least have Terms of Reference for both the team of investigators and for those who were to be involved. That should be the minimum expectation. It comes as no surprise to me that almost everyone refused to participate. Such a document is important to avoid misunderstanding once the exercise takes place. In the letter I also updated him on the progress of SCCOP.

On the 23 April, I received confidential information of “Serious negative branding of SCCOP in the woods” and that a team was being put in place to pre-empt and destroy SCCOP before it gets launched. A decision had been taken that the best way to do this was to link Millan and the DoD and and inform our people that there is a DoD rebellion within the IG being engineered by Millan. A day later, a letter that the DoD had written to His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako one month earlier was released. My reading of it was that it was meant to unleash a major public outcry. Unfortunately it did not pick up any steam. And I kept watching the space.

On 26th April, I received a message from Prof. Ayim to the effect that “It has come to my attention that you are calling people and secretly badmouthing the IG…if at all you badmouth the IG…know that you will lose crucial support from some of us who have been defending you”. I responded by requesting for a meeting with the IG so that we can discuss any unease openly and if I am found guilty be held responsible. Prof. Ayim duly put the matter to the cabinet for discussion. He insisted that I be invited and let the matter be discussed openly. They never called me. Once again, the plot to associate me to some kind of negativity failed.

I understand that they held a cabinet meeting and expressed concerns to the effect that Millan had no right to make a video or come back from his sabbatical. Secondly, his leadership role in the formation of the Ambazonia Prisoners of Conscience Support Network (APoC – SN) should normally be the preserve of the Interim Government. Interestingly for the three months while I was away, the Interim Government had all the time to fight for its leaders in jail. But no, they were abandoned to themselves and to this day, I can only imagine their disappointment when they would learn that the same comrades that Sisiku had appointed to be in his cabinet abandoned him in jail in order to consolidate their power. How can anyone justify that five months into the abduction of my comrades, not one single mechanism has been put in place to sustain pressure on Nigeria for their release? In fact one of the cabinet members wrote: “I must say that ‘Milan’ is making the argument that I have made in this house again and again. We totally resigned from fighting for our leaders. I’m really mad that we now have Milan making the case when we should have just well handled”. Four months! Four months after the abduction of my friends. And they have the temerity to question why I did a video on their behalf? Why I led the formation of the Ambazonia Prisoners of Conscience Support Network? Why I am fighting for my comrades? And I am expected to participate in an investigation into their abduction by the same leadership without any Terms of Reference?

What I have not understood is how some of these individuals could arrogate upon themselves the mantle of Lord and King over anyone, to the extent of thinking that they can dictate who participates in the revolution and who should not. How dare anyone ask me not to contribute to my own freedom? Let me put on record that while we were busy putting the building blocks of what has today become the Interim Government, from the conclaves we organized, the SCACUF leadership, The Adopt a Teacher Campaign, The SCBC, etc. some in the leadership today were making videos and audios on a weekly basis. At no point did anyone ask them not to make them even when they were critical of the work we were doing.

On the 4th May, Barrister Timothy Mbeseha who is one of the advisers to His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako called me and we had a two hour discussion. He informed me that he had been included in the investigation team and learned that all people invited had refused to participate. He also understood that I had given reasons why I would not participate and that I had written a letter to His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako clearly outlining my concerns. He informed me that he has a copy of that letter and completely understood my concerns and that these concerns would be address. He mentioned that the much needed Terms of Reference had been drafted and he would advise me to cooperate. We agreed that we would continue the conversation on Saturday, which was two days ago.

On Saturday at the appointed time, Barrister Mbeseha called me and we had another two hour conversation. He informed me that he had briefed his Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako and that he was very much aware that we have finally started talking and making progress. Interestingly, while Comrade Mbeseha was busy interacting with me, His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako was busy giving final feedback on the findings of the commission. Some of you might have seen copies of the purported findings leaked to social media. What is confusing to me is why His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako would appoint someone as a member of the Commission, encourage the person to talk to me, knowing that he already had a conclusive report of the purported enquiry. How could he be giving an interview on the final findings, with a copy of those findings on social media while one of his emissaries was busy engaging me. I am really trying to convince myself that all the social media leaks and negative media is just a mistake and perhaps the handiwork of some of those rogue elements in the Interim Government and without the knowledge of His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako.

And it is with a great sense of disappointment and nostalgia I keep asking myself “What would Sisiku have done in such a circumstance?”

Anybody listening to His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako would know that he was very professional in his interview and even resisted the temptation to fall into the tricky questions of the interviewer. I want to believe that while he was trying his best to find solutions to a really difficult situation, some within the Interim Government were taking advantage of the situation and doing what they do best – SABOTAGE!

Otherwise, how did a confidential letter I sent to His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako end up on the social media?

How could it be that the conclusive findings of the investigations would find themselves on social media without an official copy being given to the primary members of the investigation? Anybody with knowledge and understanding of how these things work would know that it was against ethics for me to find a report on me by my government on social media.

How is it that a conclusive report is being issued at the same time that someone is being appointed to engage me on the investigations?

I find it interesting also that all these things seem to happen at the same time, from the leaked letter of the DoD, the release of the report, the interview, leaking of my letter to the His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako and the sudden inclusion of the same set of pseudo-journalists, who have quickly built a reputation for themselves for dissemination of false information without seeking to get the other side of the story.

To allay my fears and the fears of millions of our people who would be asking themselves the same question about their Interim Government, I am persuaded that His Excellency Rev. Ikome Samuel Sako needs to open an enquiry into who within the Interim Government leaked all those letters and gave information to our renowned journalists without journalistic training on matters of national importance. This is a useful step to ensure that we do not move on with suspicion and bad blood. I am still convinced this is not the work of the Interim Government, but that of a few unscrupulous individuals who must be exposed.

Now, let me make clear that all this propaganda has nothing to do with investigations or anything to do with a sudden anxiety to know the truth about what happened at Nera Hotel. It is simple sabotage. The crux of the matter is the formation of the Southern Cameroons Congress of the People (SCCOP). You may know that recently the Rogue Regime of Yaounde has been making overtures to the South African Government. We understand that the regime has hired assassins to carry out another Nera Hotel style coup in South Africa. We also know the regime has sent emissaries to countries around Europe with the same goal. Recently, one of the comrades was interviewed by the police in Europe because of his revolutionary activities.

We are not going to sit back and wait for the Interim Government to come and save us. We need community mobilization, grassroots mechanisms which will prepare our people for any such eventualities. In countries where SCCOP does not exist but where there are other structures, we encourage our people to constitute themselves and work closely with the country’s security apparatus, because we are being daily informed of the moves Yaounde has been making. The interim government cannot do this for us. We need grassroots movements to help with this.

We must also remember that the Interim Government belongs to us all. We are the ones who put it in place. I personally in spite of my refusal to join the government, worked for weeks to put in place the structures that we all enjoy today. It is not in my interest to see all of that crumble. We should all be proud of the work we have done and the progress we have made this far. Individuals in positions of responsibility may abuse those positions. We must all remember that whatever happens, we must respect the office they hold and by so doing respect them as incumbents in their offices. Those offices were once held by noble men, some of who are in jail. We need to continue to honour and respect those offices no matter what. That is why SCCOP has been very clear that it has as one of its mission goals to support the Interim Government and ensure that we continue to sustain it. Not even acts of sabotage by some within that government should deter us from that mission we have set for ourselves.

If there is one thing that spurred me to agree to work with the group of individuals who came up with the formation of SCCOP, it was my strong belief that we need to equip our people to understand the political playing field and be able to defend themselves in the countries in which they reside. SCCOP intends to work with communities in various countries to help put structures which will ensure that no single one of our citizen is abducted without strong defense.

Our Sam Soya Centre for Human Rights (SSCHR) through its Exile Forum will ensure that in each country our members have legal support and those seeking asylum as a result of the carnage being carried out in our territory would be considered for refugee status. The Centre will also start documenting and recording the genocide which is taking place in our country and which nobody seems to document. We intend to document for posterity and for use when the time comes to take the criminals to the various courts of justice. We shall be setting up offices in South Africa and Europe in the coming months.

Political education is also one key component of SCCOP’s mission. We know that there are individuals who are causing more harm to our revolution than they are helping it. And many do this not out of malice but simple ignorance of revolutionary principles. A clear example is when people pass for journalists and yet do not understand the first thing about journalistic ethics. As SCCOP we are busy talking to a number of institutes which train journalists to help train some of our young people so that we can finally start producing some real schooled and trained journalists.

Let those who want to play politics, do politicking. Let those who want to thrive on sabotage continue with what they know best. We will work with our communities to build bottom-up grassroots mobilization which is the first ingredient of any revolution. We have come to the understanding that not everyone who purports to be for our revolution is a friend of the revolution. It is for that reason that SCCOP is not open to everyone. It is a members-only movement. Finally SCCOP will put in place programmes for the radicalization of our people on Ground Zero. In the coming days, we will be releasing a series of videos and documents including our constitution and our manifesto for interested members.

Having addressed this, I have no intention of returning to this subject any time soon. I intend to invest my energy into the revolution and the strengthening of SCCOP through political education, grassroots mobilization and other activities worth my while. But I insist, it would help clear the air if the Interim Government (our Interim Government) sheds light on the happenings of the past few days.

Let a thousand Flowers Blossom!

Millan Atam

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