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Colonial Mayor Ngala Gerald Silent Amid Fallout from February 11 Incident in Nkambe



Colonial Mayor Ngala Gerald Silent Amid Fallout from February 11 Incident in Nkambe

In the aftermath of the tragic events that unfolded in Nkambe on February 11th, colonial Mayor Ngala Gerald has remained conspicuously silent, eliciting a mix of outrage and disbelief from the community.

Days have passed since Ngala Gerald, the unrepentant colonial Mayor of Nkambe district in Donga Mantung county, allegedly misled numerous students into facing fabricated weapons purportedly wielded by Ambazonian forces. This incident has stirred a wave of condemnation directed at the Mayor.

Earlier this month, Ambazonian Commanders and frontline leaders issued a call for a three-day national lockdown to obstruct the colonial event known as “youth day,” observed every February 11th. The lockdown aimed to remind Ambazonians of the loss of their statehood to the occupying regime.

In the lead-up to the colonial event, Ngala Gerald reportedly engaged in bribery, persuading parents and students to disregard the lockdown call and participate in regime-organized march-past activities. A video surfaced on social media, allegedly showing Ngala Gerald distributing money to locals in the morning of February 11th, drawing widespread condemnation.

Tragically, around 1 pm West African time, an explosive device, purportedly of Ambazonian origin, detonated, resulting in the death of at least one student and leaving around 40 others injured.

Despite the devastating consequences of his actions, Ngala Gerald has shown no signs of remorse or accountability. Instead, he appears focused on devising strategies to maintain favor with the occupying regime.

As families mourn their loved ones and tend to the injured, Ngala Gerald’s silence speaks volumes, reflecting his apparent indifference to the suffering inflicted upon innocent civilians in pursuit of his political ambitions.

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