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Rising Tension Among Colonial Military Leaders Over Failure of Operation Keep Bamenda Clean



Rising Tension Among Colonial Military Leaders Over Failure of Operation Keep Bamenda Clean

By Mbah Godlove

Pressure mounts after a military move by French Cameroun dubbed operation keep Bamenda clean aimed at completely defeating Ambazonia Forces in the Northern Zone end in tears.

At the start of 2021, the colonial government appointed general Nkah Valery to head the military operation with the hope to continue the exploitation of Ambazonia.

7 months after the decision, tension is said to be boiling up within colonial military ranks in Yaounde, BN has learned.

The regime is disappointed at its inability to contain Ambazonian Fighters after investing Billions of France CFA to push through the operation keep Bamenda clean.

Restoration Fighters were forced to intensify the use of explosives and other ambush mechanisms to soften the anathema brought by general Nkah Valene who has been christened by many an Ambazonian as a “war talkative without a road-map”.

A BN source in Yaounde revealed that the tension among colonial regime officials christened after a 47seconds video footage of French Cameroun soldiers indicating their commanders of embezzlement hit the social media last week.

Following the devastating defeat suffered by the colonial forces on various battlegrounds across Ambazonia, general Nkah Valery and his close aides are now on a hot seat for accepting to carry out such an impossible task.

The French Cameroun regime is now faced with 2 opposing options whether to surrender or to accept mediation talks, we have been informed.

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