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Anger, Frustration In Bali Over Colonial Ban On Motorbike Circulation



Anger, Frustration In Bali Over Colonial Ban On Motorbike Circulation

By Mbah Godlove

Inhabitants of Bali Nyonga, a locality in Mezam County have been left frustrated after a French Cameroun ban on the circulation of motorbikes.

The population says their activities have been badly hampered by the ban which is entering a second week as of Monday, August 02, 2021.

The colonial Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam suspended the circulation of motorbikes after five colonial soldiers were killed by Ambazonian fighters in Bali.

Locals have expressed anger and frustration with the decision, wondering why they are punished for something they are not culpable of.

Bali Nyonga has been completely cut off from the rest of Mezam County as nothing lives or enters the said locality.

Some women told BaretaNews that they are unable to transport foodstuff from the farm to neighboring markets because Bali is now completely void of vehicles and motorbikes.

Meantime, transporters on their parts reveal that the ban has rendered them unable to cater for their families as they can hardly meet up with the high cost of living.

It is worth mentioning that those who were traveling from other areas through Bali were left stranded and are now in need of urgent help for a smooth run of their activities.

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