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FM NO PITY Issues 48-hour ultimatum over Abduction of His Family Members



FM NO PITY Issues 48-hour ultimatum over Abduction of His Family Members

By Mbah Godlove

The commander of the marine forces in Bambalang, Ngokeitunja county has given French Cameroun 48 hours to free his family members or face the wrath of Ambazonian Fighters.

According to information reaching BaretaNews room, relatives of the dreaded commander FM NO PITY including his mother, father, and extended family members were abducted by colonial soldiers in Bambalang earlier this Tuesday, August 3.

Speaking minutes after the kidnap, NO PITY intimated that, if his relatives are not released after 48 hours, the colonial regime would regret its action. Hear him

“Should anything happen to them, I will invade Francophone regions and target civilians. I give State forces 48 hours to release them; else, they will see the other side of me. My mother, father, uncles, aunties did not send me to fight…It was my personal decision. I am going to cause havoc. The death rate on Bamoun’s side will be unbearable, even Douala. Any brigade that will harbor my family, they should await my coming,” he warned.

This is not the first time that French Cameroun is targeting the family of the renowned general in a bid to push him to drop his arms.

His brother has earlier been whisked off by colonial forces and subjected to severe torture for several weeks.

FM NO PITY beliefs that, his family should not pay the price of what they know nothing about, because it was his personal decision to go to the war front.

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