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French Cameroun Rubbishes Human Rights Watch’s Report On Ambazonia



French Cameroun Rubbishes Human Rights Watch’s Report On Ambazonia

By Mbah Godlove

French Cameroun’s Ministry of Defense has denied claims that the country’s soldiers have committed grievous human rights violations as revealed by Human Rights Watch in a recent report.

Human Rights Watch in a report dated August 02, 2021, indicted the colonial military of perpetrating serious crimes against humanity in Ambazonia.

As colonial soldiers face up Restoration Fighters across the territory, their wrath is faced more by ordinary denizens, Human Right Watch has reported.

The report by the Right Group indicts them of among other crimes against humanity, arbitrary arrest, torture, rape, and killing of civilians.

Reacting to the report, French Cameroun’s Defense Ministry, Saturday, August 07, 2021, intimated that Human Rights Watch was siding with Restoration Fighters to weaken the morale of colonial soldiers on the battlefield.

Meantime, rights experts have questioned the attitude of colonial soldiers on the field as they continue to inflict pain on unarmed civilians.

It should be noted that the statement from the ministry of Defense comes barely 24 hours after 13 ordinary citizens including children and women were brutally murdered by the forces of occupation in Fir-kov Meluf, a locality in Bui County, Ambazonia’s Northern Zone.

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