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Abdul Karim Lashes Out On Kamto, Exposes His Bad Faith Towards Ambazonians



Maurice Kamto

Abdul Karim Lashes Out On Kamto, Exposes His Bad Faith Towards Ambazonians

By Mbah Godlove

Outspoken Ambazonian activist and Muslim scholar, Abdul Karim Ali has entreated Ambazonians to shun activities of French Cameroun’s opposition leader, Professor Maurice Kamto and his followers.

In a strongly-worded message published on his official Facebook page, Adult Karim revealed that Kamto has nothing that can push forth the Ambazonian quest for independence.

“This man [Kamto] claims to love Southern Cameroonians, he claims we all belong, he told Mimi Mefo that he enjoyed the personality of Sesekou Ayuk whilst at Kondengui, he is a civil law scholar and intends to invite Southern Cameroonians when he visits America this month, etc.,” his letter read in parts.

Far from the above statement, the social critic is said Professor Maurice Kamto in a media outing in France failed to mention even the Sesekou he claimed he had spent quality time within the prison.

“During his speech in Paris last week, after singing their anthem and after ignoring our deaths, maimed, jailed, displaced and exiled; he pulled out a list of prisoners (who must not be forgotten) from his right pocket. The list was prepared so that he doesn’t forget a single name. Out of the fifteen names the gentleman read, NOT a single of ours was among. NOT even Sesekou Ayuk-whose personality he pretends to enjoy,” Karim decried.

The Muslim scholar who was once incarcerated for supporting the Ambazonian course called on his fellow countrymen to completely forget everything that is French Cameroun and concentrate on liberating the homeland

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  1. Passy

    February 5, 2020 at 3:12 PM

    Please someone help me tell Eric Tataw that he should not be fooled by his temp crowd and think everything he says is right.
    We love him but he has failed completely when he tries to encourage us to do team Kamto.
    Ambazonians are not Kamto and we don’t think to be one day.
    This man has a French agenda which is completely wiping out our existence and enforcement of marginalization. Our last generation on earth will fight this .

    • Mbeuh

      February 6, 2020 at 5:01 AM

      @ Passy my compatriot
      You seem to be going soft on Kamto. What irks me most is Kamto’s imposition of himself as relevant to our struggle for liberation. He gallivants the globe pronouncing his dead spot opposition to what he calls in broken English ‘separation’. Who is Kamto? Who authorized him to decide for Ambazonians what is good for us? Perhaps blame should be apportioned to the journalists who entertain his news conferences and seek his opinion on our struggle. Let him go on contesting his so called victory in LRC’s recent presidential election.

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