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Bakweri Elite To Colonial Okalai: Every Dog Will Be Unchained To Bite You












Governor Bernard Okalia of Buea Calls us “Dogs.” He should resign or President Biya should fire him, else, every “dog” on our land will be unchained to restore our dignity and humanity.

In an interview with CRTV Friday, Sep. 22, 2017, the colonial agent and greedy land grabber shockingly announced that: “We will no longer continue to tolerate that the beneficiaries, these people continue to destroy. Let everyone go to his family, to his village and chain his dog. IF THESE DOGS CONTINUE TO GO OUT INTO THE STREET AND BITE, that is to say, to destroy, they will encounter the security forces.”

Let the world know that the only reason Governor Okalia brands us as “DOGS” is because he has the mindset of a killer who plans to kill every single peaceful and non-violent protester with impunity and reckless disregard for human life. Hence, the branding -“DOGS”.

Mr. Okalia, President Biya did not send you to Buea to govern “DOGS,” but “HUMAN BEINGS.” President Biya did not send you to Buea to seize people’s lands but to protect them. President Biya did not send you to Buea to take away PEOPLE’S lives but to protect them.

Mr. Okalia, how dare you call people “dogs”, how dare you seize lands and how dare you kill unarmed civilians? As it stands, you lack what it takes to live amongst the civilized people you govern. You have lost the moral authority and personal integrety necessary to govern our Region.

Mr. Okalia, your insinuations don’t help President Biya, they only hurt him and certainly don’t help the situation, they only aggravate it. And in calling a tense people, “DOGS,” you are advocating for war not peace. Your threats are provoking violence not dialogue. And it’s dialigue we all want right now not war.

As a good samaritan, I urge you to submit your apology to the people of the Region you call “DOGS” and tender your resignation to President Biya before October 1st 2017.

The peaceful demonstrators you ordered killed in Buea and Bamenda, (all over SC) were not “DOGS”. This were fellow human beings and law abiding citizens you murdered in cold blood for holding public protests guaranteed UNDER the Cameroon constitution.

Though you may have killed their flesh, Mr. Okalia, I want you to know that their spirit still lives on and survived them. Their surviving spirit will take the restoration drive to Buea come October 1st, where your reign of terror, expropriation and exploitation of our people will for ever be ended. Soon you will find out that the power of the people you call “DOGS” is stronger than the people in power you call “dog masters.”

Now let me make this last point abundantly clear, those who make peacedul revolution impossible make violent revolution possible.
Should you go ahead with your planned genocide in the region and continue killing unarmed citizens, every “DOG” on our land will be released from chain to go after you.

And if caught Mr. Okalia, you will be turned over to an international court of law for trial and restoration of our dignity that you have so inhumanly dehumanized.

Dr. David Makongo

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