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Man Publicly Declares Himself a Black Leg to Ambazonia Cause



Man Publicly Declares Himself a Black Leg to Ambazonia Cause.

By Mbah Godlove.

At a time when there seems to be no hideout for colonial regime collaborators in Ambazonia, a man has recently prided himself on being a blackleg on the way to freedom.

During a recent TV show on a private channel in French Cameroun’s economic capital, Douala, Robert Kedia revealed that he is a blackleg and insisted their kind must be protected.

He said in an excerpt now circulating on social media that the colonial regime should empower blacklegs. Hence, they have what it takes to dig and furnish colonial soldiers with the right information to defeat freedom fighters on the ground.

The courageous Robert, now seen by many as a brave coward, intimated that the elite should do their work of equipping blacklegs with the support they need to go about their work hitch-free.

The outing of Robert Kedia comes shortly after a group of French Cameroun-sponsored militia was caught in Widikum LGA, Momo county recently.

ADF forces equally recently executed two men believed to be blacklegs in Nguzan, still in Momo county a week ago, and this, to many, should serve as a warning to colonial regime collaborators operating in Ambazonia.

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