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French Cameroun Surrogate Fall out with Biya Regime



French Cameroun Surrogate Fall out with Biya Regime

By Mbah Godlove.

An ally of the colonial government of La Republique du Cameroun has announced he is fade up with the Biya led administration for its unwillingness to grant him subsidies to frustrate Ambazonia’s freedom quest.

Mua Roland, owner of an online television station known as One Cameroon aired his disappointment in Yaounde recently following accumulated bills.

The said enabler, who has been using both his TV station and newspaper to spread anti ambazonian propaganda, much to the satisfaction of French Cameroun , revealed that he had written several letters of assistance to many government offices, including the country’s presidency.

After waiting for several months without any positive feedback from the regime of occupation, Mua Roland has now Said that his business would soon crumble as a result of a lack of government support.

The blackleg, weeks ago, took to social media information about the loss of mark Bareta’s official Facebook account, stressing that it was a huge victory for the colonial government.

It remains unclear if French Cameroun would yield to his request for financial assistance but his actions have come under heavy criticism from Ambazonians on various social media platforms.

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