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May Christ’s Passion Heals the Wounds of Afflicted Ambazonians



BN Editorial: May Christ’s Passion Heal the Wounds of Afflicted Ambazonians

By Mbah Godlove.


As Worshipers commemorate Jesus’ triaphant entry into Jerusalem as King, may Ambazonians see reason that sorrow will soon be a thing of the past.

Spotless as the Son Of Man was, he was forcefully persecuted and crucified; all for the good of mankind.

In the same line of thought, French Cameroun for nearly 6 decades, subjected us to suppression, subjugation and all sort of inhumane treatment that no words can best capture.

Good enough, we, like one man, on October 1 2017, took the firm commitment to overturn the tights.

In the course of pushing through this prophetic mission, thousands of our fellow compatriots have been left to wander in anguish in the wilderness.

Although there can be no sweet without sweat, we of BaretaNews acknowledge with much appreciation, the relentless sacrifices of our brethren in Homeland.

As the Holy Week begins this Palm Sunday, may the persecution, suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ reinvigorate our hope and prepare us for glorious days.

BaretaNews’ wishes you all a happy Palm Sunday 2020.

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