Kah Walla’s Stand Up For Cameroon Calls For National Boycott Of French Cameroun Local Elections

Stand Up For Cameroon Calls For National Boycott Of LRC Local Elections

By Mbah Godlove

A movement of opposition political parties and members of civil society organizations identified as “Stand Up For Cameroon” has challenged the general public to massively boycott upcoming Municipal and Parliamentary elections scheduled by the anarchical regime of President Paul Biya.

The declaration was made on Friday November 29 in Douala during a meeting that brought together three opposition political parties and civil society activists.

Stand Up For Cameroon unequivocally stated that nationals should not dance in the tunes of the current regime which the organization described as “fraudulent and deceitful”.

According to the organization, no elections should be allowed to take place if a cease fire is not declared in Ambazonia, and a complete revision of the electorial code which members opined that has favored the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) regime for the past 37 years.

Addressing the media on the subject, Popular Action Party (PAP’s) Communication Secretary, Fabrice Lena intimated that citizens were long tired of Biya’s dictatorial rule and that only a regime change could orchestrate “national reconciliation”.

He challenged electorates to “say NO to fraudulent elections, and say YES to political transition.

The young opposition leader furthered that ELECAM is a CPDM body that Biya created to suit his unliberal political agenda against the will of the people.

To him, dictator Paul Biya’s recent confession in Paris on a failed attempt to completely assimilate Southern Cameroonians is a revelation that warrants the President’s immediate resignation.

PAP was joined in today’s anti-election convention by the Cameroon People’s Part (CPP) and the “Union Population Camerounais” (UPC), who both chided the regime for organizing elections amidst the deepenning Ambazonian war of independence.

Earlier on, Prof. Maurice Kamto of the opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) withdrew his party from the said elections, citing similar concerns.

It is left to be seen what the authocratic French Cameroun government will do given the increasing internal pressure from opposition political actors and the strong resistance from pro-independence fighters to nullify any action geared towards organizing the dubious colonial elections in Ambazonia.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sunshine

    November 30, 2019 at 3:58 AM

    biya can kill our bodies not OUR HEARTS IN SOUTHERN CAMEROON.

    French Camerounians are a very fearful people – cowards . They have the right to fear because of the french brutality mated on them during colonialism. They know any request from biya’s government is met with heavy handedly. For 57 years they have lived in fear of the french stooge biya who has been well armed by france. They would have to wait for Kah Wala, a Southern Cameroounian to introduce “STAND UP FOR CAMEROON’ to wake them up to protest biya biya’s carnage. Today Kamto is appreciating stand up for cameroon to force king biya who he thinks he is. How biya will react is yet to be seen but I believe he is wetting his pants whenever he thinks of Kamto, president elu of french cameroun.
    Biya’s anger on Southern Cameroon shall surely burn up french cameroun. chiroma, biya and his government portrayed the peace loving people of Ambazonia as terrorists which later backfired. To his dismay he started using military paid by Southern Cameroon petrol money to kill poor Southern Cameroonians. Revenge on biya is coming that will engulf the whole of french cameroun and france. biya is not getting away from the killings in Southern Cameroon free. Ambazonia shall wax strong and rebuild though biya has already killed 25,000 of us even as the british commonwealth looks away. SOUTHERN CAMEROON SHALL SURVIVE biya’s genocidal war because he is a thug, a coward and very wicked.

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