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The presence of any Camair-Co plane in Ambazonia at this time is an act of aggression against the Ambazonian people



I have heard some people grumbling about the recent shooting down of a Camair Co plane at the Bafut airport in Ambazonia. Their main argument against the attack is that it was a “civilian aircraft”, although they have not shown any evidence of the civilians that were inside. Let me make the following clear to them:

1. We are in a liberation struggle against the oppression, annexation, domination, and rule of our territory by the Cameroon government. Therefore, anything that bears the “Green, Red, Yellow” colors is forbidden and should be eliminated. The Camair Co planes bear the Cameroon flag, and so are legitimate targets. Whoever uses them does so at his or her own risk.

2. Cameroon has no legal and legitimate authority over the Ambazonian territory. Therefore, it is illegal for it to fly any of its planes into the Ambazonian territory. It should keep those death-trap coffins it calls airplanes in its territory. If it continues trespassing into Ambazonia, it should know it will face RPGs and guns whenever the Ambazonian people desire.

3. The presence of any Camair Co plane in Ambazonia at this time is an act of aggression against the Ambazonian people who do not trust anything from Cameroon. The Cameroon government has filled hospitals in Ambazonia with its military men disguised as medical doctors, waiting to attack any wounded Ambazonian brought to the hospital – whom they misconceive as a wounded freedom fighter. Nothing stops the Cameroon government from filling Camair Co planes with its military men dressed in civilian attire, and transporting then into our territory because they are afraid of ambush in transportation by road. This is war, and we are not fools!! We know war tricks played on our people by enemy forces!! Therefore, as a preemptive measure against such potential infiltration in our territory, Ambazonian forces shall shoot down any Camair Co airplane they can take out within Ambazonia!!

4. We are engaged in an independence war declared on us by Paul Biya two years ago. In times of war, civilian planes do not fly into war zones without seeking safe passage from the forces controlling that area. Anyone flying a plane into an area where Ambazonian forces are present should follow this standard procedure, or risk coming under fire. Ambazonians control their homeland!!

5. I should take this opportunity to state what has been mentioned by many foreign dignitaries and multilateral organizations in multiple diplomatic meetings I have sat in, and by Generals briefing their nations. No one is stopping Ambazonia from fighting its war of independence!! All that is expected is that we respect the laws of war!! In this case, if the Ambazonian fighters had granted safe passage and yet attacked the plane, then that would have been a violation of the laws of war. Without granting such safe passage, they have every right to bring down any target bearing enemy symbols such as the Cameroon flag.


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