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Did Peter Mafany Musonge Conduct Referendum In Southern Zone?








Anglophone slave cum senator of La republique du Cameroun’s parliament, Peter Mafany Musonge, on Sunday October 22, 2017, revealed to the Press that majority of the people of Southern Zone want a 10 state federation. He was speaking on the heels of evaluating the so-called Peace mission carried out by some slave elites of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party. He also insinuated that the people decried infrastructural deprivation of the Southern Zones.

We need to be serious the way we seek long lasting solutions to serious problems that has taken away lives and others in exile. We the youths will not want to carry this load in our future political agenda. Decentralisation is inscribed in our constitution since 1996, how can a majority of the people be asking again of what is already theirs and has not met their aspirations?

In your tour with the peaceful message did you hold talks with student representatives? Executives of development associations?

From all evidence, meetings were held with group of 5-10 people at divisional level with say 15 associations, does this represent the majority?

Help the President solve this problem in the best way to be remembered by millions of Cameroonians and not a few chosen. Remember you made an outing disregarding the existence of an Anglophone problem yet today you are quick to hold “consultations” to address what you refuted.

Yang-Mafany ‘extravagant elite’ appeasement mission

The history of Germany with regards to separation and reunification is quite similar to that of Cameroon. A blend of Canada and German political set up would build a solid and sustainable Cameroon as One and Indivisible than the current strives to POSTPONE a problem that might resurface at a time when Cameroonians might not be able to sit down and seek solutions.

The most recent report of International Crisis Group should serve as a working document in the drive towards the Cameroon I grew up to know, feel, defend and belong to. A majority of Anglophones are trapped in a system at the base, middle and under top level where they have little or no say in the decision making process of their destiny.

Our management system has shifted from at the service of the masses to greed and mismanagement at the detriment of a common destiny. Many have gotten qualifications but are denied access to serve the nation, little or no effort is done to create meaningful jobs to meet up with the geometric progression of demands. Many of our compatriots have gone for hunting and brought back projects that can move us steps ahead yet most of these projects have never seen the light because of personal interest and greed.

Changing individuals at certain positions will never be the solution. That is simply changing a suit to attend the same party. Cameroonians that we are, need institutional reforms that will set up a clear balance and check mechanism to ensure massive adhesion and trust in public affairs. Public speech from the governing team has become manipulative and dehumanising.

It has become common to tune on a radio or TV channel and hear panellists addressing to other compatriots like terrorists, Anglofools, Dogs, Biafran’s and enemies. Such sentiment at a time when no declaration goes unrecorded and archived is a future weapon for destruction especially when they go unpunished. Our societal values have degraded over time draining Cameroonians from the feeling of togetherness as citizens, it is common to realise a person feels more comfortable with r community semblance than citizens from the other end.

A critical rethink of our society and urgent need for reconciliation starting with public pardon from those who have promoted hate speech is required. A general amnesty to all our brothers and sisters outside the kitchen should not wait, a coffin from government to the affected families during the crisis should be in our minds and a gathering “INDABA” should be summoned to air our minds and stand in the same direction to defend the famous O’ Cameroon thou cradle of our fathers……. of my elementary school days. At the end this all, we will not be losers nor winners but remain ONE and INDIVISIBLE yesterday, today and tomorrow.

By Lucas Muma,

Political Analyst – BaretaNews

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