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10 Amazing Mind Blowing Questions About Justice Ayah Paul



On January, 21st, Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine was abducted and taken into custody by La Republique Du Cameroun forces. Till then, he has been under detention. On Thursday, 29th June, 2017, his birthday, Justice Ayah suffered a serious malaise and was rushed to hospital. He has been stabilised since then. Below are the 10 amazing things about the abductions of Ayah, that will blow up your mind and show the wickedness, greed and nature of La Republique and its sympathizers.

Ayah Ayah Abine, the son of Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine wrote:

1. Ayah’s friend, the leader of the number one opposition party in Cameroon has neither publicly mentioned his name nor criticised the lawless nature of his ordeals?

2. Ayah has never been formally charged for over 160 days and counting nor taken to court like Balla, Fontem, BBC, etc?

3. His then colleagues of the Supreme Court completely ignored him alongside the abuse and humiliation metted on him?

4. No South West Elite has ever raised a finger, demanding his release, nor has any of such either visited him or his family even through a third party, not to mention their parliamentarians?

5. The government has made NO OFFICIAL STATEMENT as to why it abducted its seating Advocate General in flagrant abuse of all legal procedures and the law. Not even its sporesman has whispered a whisper?

6. The courts have refused to render Ayah justice following his pétition of Habbeas Corpus amidst thé very glaring grounds for his immédiate release?

7. That Ayah was sent on retirement and older colleagues of his maintained and some evening compensanted?

8. That for close to 6 momths under illegal detention, we are Yet to know who ordered Ayah’s abduction and thé evidence that prompted such a mystery?

9. That very little publicity is made about Ayah by the frontliners of the anglophone question; his name is barely mentioned and If they must do, only in passing?

and I add

10. The fact that the UN in its report failed to profile a high ranking justice being illegally detained?

We of BaretaNews continues to call for the release of Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine and all those abducted in the jails of La Republique


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