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Dictator Biya Honours His New Year Blanket Promise; Deploys Hundreds Of Troops To Ambazonia



Dictator Biya Honours His New Year Blanket Promise; Deploys Hundreds Of Troops To Ambazonia

By Mbah Godlove

French Cameroun ailing President, Paul Biya has deployed hundreds of Gendarmes to Ambazonia’s Southern Zone.

On Tuesday January 07, the troops arrived Buea, Ambazonian heartland, where they were received by the colonial regime’s military and civil administrators.

Earlier on December 31 during his so-called state of the nation’s address to his French Camerounian compatriots, 87 year-old Biya announced that he was going to seek more military action in order to crush restoration fighters, and frustrate Ambazonia’s independence process.

Despite an ultimatum from the Southern Cameroons military high command that local elections scheduled by the occupational regime in February 2020 wouldn’t take place anywhere in the territory, the dictatorial regime claimed the 350 Gendarmes sent to the Southern Zone will guarantee the safety of electorates during next month’s Municipal and Parliamentary elections.

Ambazonian fighters across all 13 counties have vowed to obliterate and bring to bay all attempts by the oppressor to force Southern Cameroonians to the pools to participate in the said illegal elections.

Some ordinary citizens in Buea have recently revealed to BaretaNews that the presence of the alien Gendarmerie elements only reminds them of the bad faith France has towards their revolution.

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  1. Sunshine

    January 9, 2020 at 1:33 AM

    Biya, the Yaounde despot dreams of wining 100% of the polls in Ambazonia.

    biya’s bulu intervention rapid has already moved in and taken positions in Ambazonia to vote in place of all Ambazonians in exile, prisons, killed in order to give biya a 100% win at the polls to control our counties. Years ago, they shipped in french camerounians to vote in Ambazonia. Now francophones cannot come but the over 20,000 bir deployed in Ambazonia will vote in our local councils since the militia, by french law, are allowed to vote where they are stationed.
    Finally, biya is going to find himself wanting when he wins in the polls because the bir will not be there to run our counties. The bir will finally be flushed out one way or the other. I foresee the yaounde despot flushed out also.

    Everyday biya believes he is winning the war he declared and waged on Ambazonia. French cameroonians are talking this matter to death. They will soon start killing each other over Ambazonia. Southern Cameroon is an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY DECLARED IN 2017 by HIS EXCELLENCY SISIKU AYUK TABE – THAT STANDS !!!

    • Jon

      January 9, 2020 at 7:24 AM

      Where were the ambazombie SHIT-NO-WIPE-LASS TERRORISTS when the troops deployed by Mr Biya were entering the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon? Did the ambazombie SHIT-NO-WIPE-LASS TERRORISTS lockdown themselves?

      • Sunshine

        January 10, 2020 at 1:46 AM

        25 year old francophones dying for biya, the 90 year old despot of French Cameroun.

        jon, Your arrogance and boastful words are very symbolic of biya’s deception, corrupt ministers and state financed militia (bir) killing us in Ambazonia. Just to inform you that your pride and blindness keeps you from seeing anything wrong in biya’s neutralization of Ambazonians for peacefully asking to be listened to. By the time you know what is really going on among the bulu intervention rapid (bir), many will on their way to ask that biya totally withdraws from Ambazonia. Their fathers and mothers don’t want their children to die for nothing. Why should their 25 year old children be killed with dane guns in a foreign land for a 90 year old despot by an untrained force of “never-again” generation of Ambazonians? You can continue to denigrate Ambazonians, but know that they are in their land and it shall never be taken away from them, let alone a despot from french cameroun-biya.

  2. Jon

    January 9, 2020 at 7:37 AM



    How low can imbeciles like MUKONG SMEAGOL (GOLLUM) go? VERY LOW!!!

    MUKONG SMEAGOL (GOLLUM), A CROSS-BREED of a RABID DOG and a PIG, the most educated guy in the VILLAGE of IGNORANCE, LAKUNLE said the following: “Our Powercam, Cameroon Bank, Tole tea plantation, Ndu tea plantation, Produce Marketing Board, Nangah Company, Formenky Company, Victoria seaport, Mamfe airport, Bali airport, Tiko airport, Yoke hydro-electric plant, Buea mountain hotel, Ringway Hotel and many more are all ruined because of imbeciles who are more interested in enjoying a good life by answering yes sir all the time to the french leeches at the expense of hard working Ambazonians.” MUKONG SMEAGOL accuses Mr Biya of being responsible for the failure or bankruptcy of private companies, like Nangah Company, Formenky Company, etc. What has the ownership and running of private companies, hotels, Ndu tea plantation, Tole tea plantation, etc. have to do with Mr Biya and his successive Governments over the years? MADNESS!!! MADNESS!!! WHEN NEXT YOUR WIFE IS PREGNANT KNOW THAT IT IS MR BIYA, PUT HIS NAME ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE AS FATHER. THE CHILD WILL LIVE A LIFE OF LUXURY IN SWITZERLAND. BIYA IS SHAGGING YOUR WIFE! And this IMBECILE lives in the USA. Do you blame the US Government for President Trump’s past bankruptcies?

    MUKONG SMEAGOL (GOLLUM), says the land of his ancestors is full of dark forces. The Governor was just trying to help get rid of some or all of the dark forces so that MUKONG SMEAGOL could return to the land of his ancestors. Trump doesn’t like people from “shithole” or arsehole countries.

    The land of YOUR ANCESTORS IS IN UTTER DARKNESS and it has been TAKEN OVER (100%) BY INNUMERABLE, AND INDOMITABLE FORCES OF DARKNESS that CANNOT BE OVERCOME by SHIT-NO-WIPE-LASS ambazonia terrorists, “to God be the Glory as come rain, come sunshine”.

    Did you escape to the USA because of the forces of darkness in the land of your ancestors? FORCES OF DARKNESS KNOW NO NATIONAL BOUNDARIES, AND YOU CAN REST ASSURED THAT THEY KNOW WHERE YOU’RE. NO HIDING PLACE FOR THE WICKED. THEY ARE ALREADY TAKING OVER YOUR BRAIN, that is what is behind your RANTS. That is why you should answer my questions with alacrity before the takeover is complete and you are 100% BONKERS.

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