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Dictator Biya Honours His New Year Blanket Promise; Deploys Hundreds Of Troops To Ambazonia



Dictator Biya Honours His New Year Blanket Promise; Deploys Hundreds Of Troops To Ambazonia

By Mbah Godlove

French Cameroun ailing President, Paul Biya has deployed hundreds of Gendarmes to Ambazonia’s Southern Zone.

On Tuesday January 07, the troops arrived Buea, Ambazonian heartland, where they were received by the colonial regime’s military and civil administrators.

Earlier on December 31 during his so-called state of the nation’s address to his French Camerounian compatriots, 87 year-old Biya announced that he was going to seek more military action in order to crush restoration fighters, and frustrate Ambazonia’s independence process.

Despite an ultimatum from the Southern Cameroons military high command that local elections scheduled by the occupational regime in February 2020 wouldn’t take place anywhere in the territory, the dictatorial regime claimed the 350 Gendarmes sent to the Southern Zone will guarantee the safety of electorates during next month’s Municipal and Parliamentary elections.

Ambazonian fighters across all 13 counties have vowed to obliterate and bring to bay all attempts by the oppressor to force Southern Cameroonians to the pools to participate in the said illegal elections.

Some ordinary citizens in Buea have recently revealed to BaretaNews that the presence of the alien Gendarmerie elements only reminds them of the bad faith France has towards their revolution.

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