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mass murder scheme in ambazonia


BaretaNews Midday News Updates
1. Southern Cameroons Oil Institution SONARA gets a new General Manager, Camerounese Mr. Simo Njonou. The institution has never in its life history seen a Southern Cameroonian as GM
2. The Ambazonia People’s National Convention has been slated from February 28-March 3rd, 2019 in Philadelphia – USA. BaretaNews will be bringing you updates as things unfold
3. Southern Cameroonians are today observing their traditional ghost towns across every cities, towns, village and communities. The capital city of Buea did not answer to Mayor’s Ekema call.
4. Southern Cameroons Activists have formed a front now called SCAF-Southern Cameroons Activist Front. They say this front will help them synergise, galvanise on common positions thereby helping to sanitise the social media atmosphere. Its pioneer Chairperson is Solomon Real Amabo who will direct the front for a month before the next activist takes over. All activists are encouraged to join the front
5. Reports from Southern Cameroons say the Tumi’s led Anglophone General Conference has now laid down solid foundation for an all inclusive conference. We will be following this up too
6. La Republique Du Cameroun Western Region SDO Felix Bilonougou, died in a motel yesterday in Bafoussam after having sex with a 19 year old girl. We hear he used the sex pills viagra and suffered a heart attack while at the apex of his sexual encounter with the teenage girlfriend
7. SCBC Board Chair Mr Francis Ntube has sent a brutal response to Mark Bareta’s proposals to merge the ABC TV and SCBC, castigating Mark Bareta for such a proposal. Mark Bareta recommended that yesterday after some denizens on ground zero(Southern Cameroons) sent several complaints. However, ABC has defended itself by saying they are transferring to a new studio as such their satellite is off air for the meantime.
8. Mr. Paul Biya again has tweeted today on his official Facebook page insisting that should warmongers in Southern Cameroons refused to drop their weapons, he is going to neutralize them. Ayaba Cho Lucas, AGC Leader in a sharp response to Biya says, should Mr. Biya forces in Cameroun refused to drop their weapons and vacate Southern Cameroons, Ambazonia Fighters shall annihilate them as the resistance intensifies
9. Francis Awudu, IG Francophonie Ambassador resigns over the weekend sighting lots of inconsistencies and lack of corporation. While resigning is a democratic right, inside sources in IG says those Ambassadorial positions and country heads in the diaspora has become redundant as such not necessary anymore. Inside sources hold that, the LGA and County Representatives are more reflective of the true nature of the Ambazonia people.
10. Barrister Nsoh in a fierce TV debate over Equinox TV yesterday said it as it is with no mincing of words! “We are two separate countries that came together…nothing like “reunification”. They dialogue and settled with Boko Haram but are refusing to NEGOTIATE with freedom fighters whom they call enemies and terrorists”. The Barrister continued: “We would fight till the last man standing. They will kill all of us including our children or we fight till we are free. We join the union on plebiscite and we are not slaves”
Mark Bareta

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