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French Cameroun Re-opening of Borders: Covid-19 Trap to Ambazonians



French Cameroun Re-opening of Borders: Covid-19 Trap to Ambazonians

By Mbah Godlove.

The reinstatement of international flights by French Cameroun in the heart of the spread of Covid-19 is a course for concern for Ambazonians, Mark Bareta has said.

Earlier this weekend, the Colonial regime reintroduced international flights as an aircraft from Paris landed in Yaounde, the City with the highest number of infections in the country.

Commenting from his base in Brussels moments ago, BaretaNews CEO, Mark Bareta entreated Ambazonians to more careful than ever before.

He warned that the resumption of schools and reopening of borders at a time when the spread of the disease has crescendoed implies that more preventive actions must be taken to limit the infection rate in Ambazonia.“Dear compatriots, you need to take appropriate measures to stay safe because the blunders committed by the dictatorial regime in Yaounde could cause an increase in the number of infections,” he cautioned. This is not the first time that the front line activist is advising his people on threats posed by the global pandemic.

Weeks back, he called on Ambazonians to make perfect use of their face mask, observe social distancing, and to respect all guidelines prescribed by the WHO.

At the time of this report, Ambazonians is said to have recorded nearly 100 Covid-19 cases.

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