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Tanku’s 10 Winning Conclusions From Ambassador Cohen Tweet On Ambazonia-Cameroun War




H.E Herman J Cohen, Former Ambassador, Asst. Secretary of State. Author, US Policy Toward Africa & The Mind of the African Strongman in a tweet on June 09, 2020 declared that the United Nations Security Council should now entertain the Ambazonia-Cameroun war. Tapang Ivo Tanku, Ambazonia Deputy Defense Chairman, ADF has analysed the tweets in 10 winning conclusions. Tanku who also doubles as a security expert says the balance of power and threats now exist on both countries and explains why mediation not dialogue is the right way to go at this point. You may want to read Cohen’s tweet and Tanku’s 10 winning points below:

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10 winning conclusions from Ambassador Cohen’s Tweet:

1. Ambazonia is not losing the war.

2. Cameroun is not winning the war.

3. If this continues, Cameroun would be completely destroyed by Ambazonia. Ambazonia too would have nothing to lose because they have nothing, in the first place.

4. There is now Balance of Power and Balance of Threat between Ambazonia & Cameroun. Both are capable of inflicting pain on each other.

5. Both nations are at power parity and so a war trap.

6. Mediation is the solution, Cohen insists. He says mediation, not dialogue. Mediation exists only among two or more nation states. Dialogue exists only within a nation state to fix domestic issues.

7. Our case is now an international issue, and cannot be fixed by neither Ambazonia nor Cameroun alone.

8. The African Union has been tasked to come in and add Ambazonia as the 55th African country.

9. The UN has been asked to be invited by the African Union to fix the problem by giving Ambazonia its independence.

10. We have proven a point through our resilience.

Tapang, DDCA

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  1. Sunshine

    June 10, 2020 at 11:52 PM

    biya the lion of mvomeka is on his two painful knees.

    Dear Mr Tapang, DDCA,
    Thanks for the Text from Ambassador Cohen. Ambasador Cohen speaks most of the time from both sides of his mouth. I hope this text is something the french infested AU can understand and act on. I know AU will not act on the text because the AU is biya – most of those at the AU are of biya’s cabal. The UN is also half biya’s cabal. The UN has stayed silent as biya neutralized 22,000 Southern Cameroonians. Watch the UN delay so biya can complete his masacre of Southern Cameroonians. Please, don’t believe this text until you see action. biya declared war that must be fought to the end regardless of his well trained french army (bir). It may take 10 years but Southern Cameroon will never surrender to a thug because we have nothing to loose. My compound was all burnt down by the bir hoping I die in the forest. They came to us, but mile by mile, we are getting to them. Biya’s war indirectly confirmed Southern Cameroon a foreign country because we have never been part of the french cameroun republic. I ask my friends to continue with the funding of the interim government of Ambazonia through Ambazonia Freedom Bonds. biya the lion of mvomeka is regretting he thought a war that was scheduled for two weeks is taking 4 years with no end insight. Pride and arrogance always goes before a disgraceful fall.

  2. Mukong

    June 11, 2020 at 5:46 AM

    To our heroes in Ambaland, please continue to make us proud. Be your brother and sister’s keeper. Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated to kill one another. It is not our culture.

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