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BIDSI Secures a Working Partnership with Makongo Family Charity



BIDSI Secures a Working Partnership with Makongo Family Charity

The BaretaNews Internal Displacement Support Initiatives (BIDSI), has secured a partnership or collaboration deal with the Makongo Family Charity (MAFAC) of Dr. David Makongo, who is also the founder of the United Support for Peace (USP).

In a request for collaboration to the President of MAFAC, dated May 14, 2018, the CEO of BIDSI, Mark Bareta, appreciated the good charity works of MAFAC in Nigeria and Ambazonia, and also expressed the desire of the BIDSI team to work closely with MAFAC in supporting basically the Internally Displaced Ambazonians (IDA). BIDSI is therefore seeking the support of MAFAC in human, material and financial resources in verifiable projects aimed at bettering the lots of vulnerable IDPs in the home front.

BIDSI, on its part promised provide the MAFAC initiatives with the necessary media coverage, considering that BIDSI is part of the corporate social responsibility of BaretaNews, the People’s Platform.

In response to BIDSI’s for collaboration, the President of MAFAC, Dr. David Makongo, appreciated the humanitarian works and vision of BIDSI and BaretaNews, while promising to provide his organization’s support to identified projects of BIDSI that seek to augment the condition of IDA.

He advised that BIDSI presents a project (s) for MAFAC/USP to examine and sponsor. This according to him would enable MAFAC to update their accounts and know further, what urgent challenges IDA are facing and how to address them. It would also help the organization archive its activities for posterity.

BIDSI and BaretaNews greatly appreciate this collaboration deal with MAFAC and will ensure that it is judiciously exploited for the wellbeing and good for the vulnerable Ambazonians displaced in the homeland as a result of the senseless war on the people declared by the colonial President of La Republic du Cameroun.


James Agbor


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. George

    May 30, 2018 at 11:11 AM

    Every support for our people is highly appreciated. UN organisations are preparing support too. The Ayah foundation is doing great. There are private initiatives.

    The criminal Yaoundé regime will pay for the attrocities perpetrated against us Southern Cameroonians.

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