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mass murder scheme in ambazonia






Without getting to define or school you people about who is an elite or the meaning of the term, permit me start this point of correction with a negative tone. I vehemently refused to abide by the idea that Anglophone Cameroonians really still have elites. If at all they exist, then they do not fall in the group of people I have seen their names with presidential signatures sent to cajole the Anglophone population. This piece is to draw the conscience of those who were handpicked without any measure or yardstick of measurement to go and play pipers tone to the people and to some of us who taught we had elites.

If there is anything to go by, the CPDM oligarchy or cabal in Yaoundé has kicked the wrong leg this time around. The very first idea of sending people to these counties maybe a good thing but those who have been chosen to carry the water bucketsto the people are not those who will deliver fire from the ground. Yaounde should knowby now that the music is no more the asimba that they used to play from up there that even my late grandmother will dance in the village without even understanding the message that lies within the lyrics. Things have changed and they too should learn to move with time. Any true leader should understand as of now that, time has not only empowered those they once taught were followers of the river to become swimmers ready to swim against the current. We want to sing our own Asiko or our Bottle dance and enjoy the lyrics as a free people.

Has the Beti let regime started to address the root causes of the problem as was prescribed by the UN? If so then they are sending the wrong doctors to handle the patients. The patients you have today are not the same that were fooled and given a different drug by the Munas and Fonchas of the sixties. This is 2017, and the grandkids of those patients have come of age with many understanding that for any effective treatment to take place, real medications must be prescribed for every particular disease that is diagnosed. I will not like to delve into the list of those you have chosen to go and discuss with the people. However, I will not also turn a blind eye on the fact that those you have chosen fall amongst the prodigal sons and daughters that are still not wanted or desired by the parents. These are people who stood up boldly and claimed that there was no problem. Some simply went quiet while their people were murdered in cold blood, abducted, maimed, raped, shot at, tear gassed, beaten like snakes, called rats and dogs. How do you go and start solving a problem that you had earlier on refused its existence? Was they a need to take the stage for the wrong reason while you silently acknowledge in your hearts that there is a problem?

Is it or was it so difficult for these so-called elites running to sing to the people now to see that the problem was so visible that even kids are singing it on the streets today, ready to sacrifice even what they do not have to make the world know that the people are in dying need of air? What has Yaounde given to you people to become so stone hearted to the point where your voices cannot be heard at a time when the people wanted to hear it most? How do you fool us now that you love us when we could not hear your words at the needed moment? You have just showed to us that you are ready to pick the booty after the fight. You are coming now so that your grand master will reward you for appeasing the people. After all, the sons and daughters of the poor have fought and died and it is time for the rich elites to come and reap. Permit me say you will not reap this time around. You shall return to Yaounde with your tails under your legs like ngong dogs in the rainy season just as those who were sent to Canada, Belgium, Britain and South Afrca.

In addition, those who chose the people and delegated them, your ngambe has failed, as you could not distinguish between power and honor. Those you have chosen have power, but they lack honor. Power falls within the archaic Machiavelli preaching of absolutism while honor is a modern political concept that goes with power. Modern political theorists advise that leaders should possess both or at best have honor than power. Yaounde has constructed these guys to think that once they have power, honor will flow from above to the people. Far from that, they lack honor and are bare as the word bare itself. They take themselves nearer to the god of Etoudi and today think that because they are ok, everyone should join them clap to their demi god.


The people of SC will not come this far only to be sent old members of a gang to come and try to convince them. Can’t you learn from a short history? You think the memories of the dead have been wiped away? What the mixed patrol that was sent abroad faced is the same thing that you will face. You failed with the diaspora and think you will succeed with the people at home? No way. Garri don pass water.

If truly this government wants the people to listen to them, then they know what to do. Call the real leaders of the Anglophone community, both home and abroad and listen to them. If you feel ashamed to do that, then hire neutral bodies specialized in conflict management and top negotiations to do the job for you. What is wrong in the president to take a tour of the nation and listen to the people? Will that reduce any presidential powers that he has? If he is too big to do that, then he should quickly reshuffle the gang of elites around him and bring in a new breed because these ones are only fooling him that they have power and honor meanwhile they lack both. Delay is dangerous as people get more radicalized as the days go by. The idea of a new nation has been implanted in the DNA of every child in this land. The new anthem is sung in every village, city, county, homes, pre-school kids now love to sing the “Land of Glory” than the “O Cameroun”.

Political historian

The Blue and White colors are more honored than the Green Red Yellow. Corpses are buried with typical nationalist style than ever before. People, both old and young now have faith in the new nation with the idea in them that no matter how the night maybe, the sun will rise one day. This is to remind you that bullet and force can never, had never and will never kill an idea. You can intimidate the people now by beatings, killing, maiming, raping and destroying satellite dishes in the entire land, but words of mouths are faster than you had ever imagined. Besides, for how long will you maintain a standing army in one part of the country? Ask yourself which one is cheaper, maintaining a standing army or calling for true and sincere dialogue to end the impasse in a peaceful way? Let me remind you that no army will ever win a war against a peaceful people. You may kill the flesh but the idea in the souls will remain even if buried.

Sincerely speaking, I will prefer a delegation headed by an outspoken and honest francophone elite who during the time of our cries heard us and gave in his/her voice to the struggle. I will even prefer to welcome someone like Aboyem Achoyi, Professor Maurice Nkamto, Maitre Momo, Maitre Alice Nkometc, than to receive an Atanga Nji Paul,an Ekema Patrick or those found on that list as elites.
Achiri Atanga
PhD Fellow

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