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Cameroun Government Bows Shamefully After Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Letter, But Still Very Limited





Cameroun Government Bows Shamefully After Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Letter, But Still Very Limited.

Cameroun Government has made an official statement on the whereabouts of Mancho Bibixi and others after Sisiku’s Declaration To UN, EU, AU, US Embassy and other foreign governments.

Rene Sadi, Cameroun Communications Minister in a tweet says Mancho Bibixy is alive and with 177 others are being held for investigation after prison riot. The minister fell short in declaring their locations or showing proof of life as demanded by Ambazonians.
Ambazonia leadership in jail are still poised to continue with their hunger strike despite Cameroun government statement. This is so because the defense team lawyers have not confirmed the whereabouts of our compatriots taken away from Yaounde Concentration Camp (Kondengui) as decreed by Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe as well as other demands.

Mark Bareta, Ambazonia activist had started the alarm of the death of Mancho Bibixy and many others missing. This followed with tweets and several calls from Ambazonians across the globe joining the call including the special one-day LockDown from Ambazonia groups (AGovC and Yerimah led Group) not forgetting the ultimatum from the Sako group. Ambazonians United in their pressure.

The taken away of Ambazonia Prisoners of War provided a slim arena that saw Ambazonia groups United in diversity though sabotage and the negative campaign still won the day. However, the torture, abductions of Ambazonia Prisoners Of war in many dimensions completely United the Ambazonia people in their pursuit to see their people free jail.

The pressure to show proof of life of Mancho Bibixy et al must continue. Ambazonians must not sleep. Cameroun is evil. We want to see all our people taken from Kondengui jail. Let us not go to sleep. Any retaliatory plans from Ambazonians that hurt the occupier must not be halted. It must intensify and continue.

Mark Bareta

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