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Colonial PM Leads Supposed Peace Mission To Bamenda Amidst Heavy Militarization



Colonial PM Leads Supposed Peace Mission To Bamenda Amidst Heavy Militarization

By Mbah Godlove

French Cameroun’s Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute is leading what he calls a peace mission to Bamenda barely a week after the country’s Defense Minister announced stiff military actions against Ambazonian Fighters in the Northern Zone.

While on a working visit to Bamenda, the colonial defense boss, Joseph Beti Assomo revealed that the dynamics of the war of independence which is nearing its fifth year had changed and that he would ensure forces of occupation intensify military action.

Shortly after the announcement, thousands of soldiers were deployed to different localities across the Northern Zone — to hunt Restoration Fighters.

While measures of the colonial defense boss are still being implemented by colonial troops, French Cameroun’s Prime Minister embarks on a peace mission to Bamenda which many consider as a war theater.

Dion Ngute was spotted brandishing a peace plant and calling on locals to return to their displaced communities.

However, the call was made at a time when colonial soldiers remain on the war front with Restoration Forces, especially in Bui and Nkogetunja Counties of the Northern Zone.

Many a Bamenda denizen, thus, thinks that Dion Ngute’s visit would only worsen the situation on the ground, given that the government has no good fate for a mediated settlement of the protracted conflict which has so far claimed over 30000 lives.

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