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Colonial PM’s Visit To Ambazonia Spurs Anger Among Restoration Fighters



Colonial PM’s Visit To Ambazonia Spurs Anger Among Restoration Fighters

By Mbah Godlove

Restoration Fighters across Ambazonia have taken a strong resolve to accelerate the fight for Independence following the visit of French Cameroun’s Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute to their territory.

For the past two weeks, a host of colonial handclappers have been accompanying Dion Ngute to Buea and recently to Bamenda for what has now been qualified by many as a visit of provocation.

On the same day that PM Dion Ngute arrived in Buea with his peace crusaders, colonial defense minister Joseph Beti Assomo deployed war tankers to the Northern zone in what he called a swift military response to crush restoration forces.

Ambazonian forces had been angered by the colonial prime minister’s window dressing peace crusade which they say has added more insult to injury.

Ambazonian fighters have therefore resolved to increase fire on the ground so as to push out the forces of occupation from their territory.

Attacks have multiplied in Manyu, Ndongamantung, Bui, and Mezam in a bid to accelerate the war for the liberation of Ambazonia.

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