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Kumba Colonial Administration Abandons Unsuccessful Anti-Ghost Town Campaign




Kumba Colonial Administration Abandons Unsuccessful Anti-Ghost Town Campaign

By Mbah Godlove

The residents of Kumba experienced a moment of clarity as colonial regime administrators finally conceded defeat in their futile attempt to counter the longstanding Monday ghost town tradition. On Monday, January 29, the city remained eerily quiet as the populace chose to stay home in solidarity with freedom fighters and incarcerated Ambazonian leaders.

In recent weeks, the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) of Meme County, representing the colonial administration, vigorously sought to influence bikers, taxi drivers, and shop owners to disregard the Monday ghost town tradition and resume their daily activities. Since 2017, Ambazonians have collectively agreed to observe Mondays as a day of solidarity, staying home to support the ongoing fight for the liberation of their homeland from colonial occupation.

Recognizing the economic repercussions this tradition has imposed on the colonial economy, regime administrators have, in past years, launched campaigns to persuade the population to abandon the Monday ghost town observance. Kumba, in particular, has been a focal point of intense efforts to coerce people into violating the ghost town operations.

However, the campaign has proven unsuccessful, as the resilient population of Kumba steadfastly refuses to conform to colonial values that contradict their commitment to preserving their identity and supporting the struggle for freedom. The abandonment of the anti-ghost town campaign by the colonial administration signals a significant acknowledgment of the people’s unwavering dedication to their cause.

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