Kah Walla’s Misguided Opportunism on Southern Cameroons’ Struggle-Consortium Hits Back



Media Release
Kah Walla’s Misguided Opportunism on Southern Cameroons’ Struggle

The Southern Cameroons Civil Society Consortium (SCACSC) has been following with keen attention the stand some so-called Southern Cameroonians publicly take on the war raging on in Southern Cameroons, and the shameless way the government of the Republic of Cameroon violates the people’s rights in its supposedly colonizing mission.

Regrettably, Ms. Kah Walla, President of the CPP political party, despite the death, destruction and injury visited on our people, went on air and castigated Southern Cameroonians who support the Southern Cameroons people’s self-defense initiative. Ms. Walla’s rantings are ignominious and out of tune with reality. In fact, her outburst is a blatant disregard of 57 years of suffering – deprivation, marginalization, attempts at extinction, official cruelty meted out on Southern Cameroons, and a tacit endorsement of the second-class status imposed on us ever since we joined this ill-fated union.

Consortium Letter

We are aware that Ms. Walla’s very unsympathetic position is rooted in her desire for acceptance by Francophones as has been frequently expressed in her 10-State Federation stance. We believe that it is time for this kind of posturing and grandstanding that emboldens the predatory quest of La République du Cameroun to stop. Ms. Walla must realize that Southern Cameroonians freely joined La République du Cameroun and understand that if a war has been declared on this peace-loving people by a covetous neighbour, self-defense is a legitimate choice. The inability of our treacherous, sold-out and boisterous political elite like Ms. Walla, to speak the truth to the colonial government is responsible for promoting and exacerbating the woes of our people over the years. The repeated derogatory effort of Ms. Walla is misguided and will not in any way shake our march to freedom.

The Consortium stands for the total liberation of Southern Cameroons and will continue to promote and build consensus towards a unified approach in disentangling Southern Cameroons from the throes of recolonization. We call on ALL our people to pursue the cause of our freedom with determination and resolve and God will surely bless our effort.

Southern Cameroons must be free!!

Otto Ama
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ebonie

    December 12, 2018 at 10:40 PM

    God has punished all these so called southern Cameroonians political leaders,bunch of uncaring heartless men and women who reside in the francophone regions just to fit in and pretend to represent Anglophones while living as biya slaves of bribe money to subjugate the people of their regions,this genocide war biya declare is exposing the rotten generations of Ambazonians chameleons within the petriotic ones, Walla and all the rest of traitors Ambazonians colours have come out, they twists their words,do nothing to condemn,oppose biya’s genocide, do not help in any aid or charity to millions of southern Cameroonians refugees in Nigeria, they criticise self defense who are protecting themselves and their vulnerable communities,they are all friends of the regime in disguise,many even praying for peace as if they are really true christains, if french Cameroon was a christain country,Tumi who reside in francophone region would have stop biya’s daily genocide, the country is occultic,demonic possession of blood money witches and wizards who care less about human beings, southern Cameroonians fight is God given right and will win over satanic french Cameroon by force

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