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Ambazonian War: US Herman Cohen Lampoons Biya’s National Dialogue Offer



Ambazonian War: US Herman Cohen Lampoons Biya’s National Dialogue Offer

By Mbah Godlove

The former US Deputy Under Secretary of State for African Affairs, Herman Cohen
says the ongoing Ambazonian war cannot be solved at a national dialogue proposed by French Cameroun’s dictator, Paul Biya.

The US deplomat acknowledged that President Biya has for the first time recognised the legitimacy of those fighting for the liberation Ambazonia.

“By offering a national dialogue to end violence, Cameroon’s Biya has, for the first time, recognized the legitimacy of the anglophone rebels who are fighting for political separation,” Herman Cohen stated on Twitter.

However, the former deplomat said the idea of resolving the ongoing war at a national level was merely an illusion.

“I Believe that an international mediator, preferably from the US, would expedite end of violence,” he added.

Earlier this week, the colonial octogenarian president of La Republique du Cameroun announced that his prime minister would chair a national broad based dialogue aimed at revigourating economic and social activities in Southern Cameroons at the end of September 2019.

The dictator claimed that the said dialogue will envolve traditional rullers, leaders of civil society organizations, religious leaders and Ambazonian activists in the diaspora.

Biya’s decision to convene a national dialogue in which his regime has an upper hand, reflects the Foumban constitutional conference of July 1961 in which his predecessor, Amadou Ahidjo made himself chairman.

Critics say the decision also means French Cameroun’s authorities have ignored calls from the international community to organize a genuine dialogue void of any preconditions.

Meantime, some Ambazonian leaders have rather vowed to procure more weapons to press further for the liberation of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia from Biya’s barbaric regime.

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