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United States Pulling Out Of UN Human Rights Council Is Good News For Ambazonia



Pre-1972 Federation Cameroon- Ambazonia





Good For Ambazonia

The United States has withdrawn from the United Nations Humans Right Council calling the Council a body that protects human rights abusers. Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN amongst others in a statement withdrawing the US from the council said “Human Rights abusers continue to serve and be elected to the Council”.

The US Ambassador to the UN went on to say, the US will continue to promote human rights outside the council and will only join when reforms are made.

This is good for Ambazonia. Paul Biya is one of the world abusers of human rights. The atrocities committed in Ambazonia by La Republique Du Cameroun are those in which the Human Rights Council is supposed to boot La Republique Du Cameroun out of the Council but the Council is yet to make any strong condemnation. The UN just like its agencies have been politicised with lots of mafia and interests. How much evidences does the UN Human Rights Council need to throw Cameroun out of there and probably charge it for gross violation in Anglophone Cameroon cum Ambazonia considering the current genocide ongoing? The UN is proving to be another all talk no action body.

This platform supports Donald Trump move to pull out of that Council until the Council starts dishing out dictators, murderers and all countries who suppressed its people, violates their rights to operate as a people, attack their neighbors, etc Cameroun being one of those abusive countries.

We think this is a good move for the people of Ambazonia to directly reach out to the United States Government with all the atrocities committed by Mr Biya and his thugs in Ambazonia. The US government can now act on its own without any restraint of one body called the UN Human Rights Council and can boldly take moves to protect peoples across the world. It is now our place as a people to approach various agencies of the United States Government especially Nikki Haley to lay down our plights.

Mark Bareta

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