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Season Message To Our Ambazonia Forces, Prisoners of war, refugees and IDPs, Ambazonia Diaspora and silent supporters



Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe

Message To Our Ambazonia Forces, Prisoners of war, refugees and IDPs, Ambazonia Diaspora and silent supporters

By Mark Bareta BARA

I want to seize this moment to wish merry Christmas to all Ambazonia Forces. On this special day when we receive and renew our faith in God, we can only thank God for your sacrifices to us all. None of us can match the sacrifices you have taken up despite our trespasses and actions, you have stood tall and continue to stand tall. I know there is no Christmas for you guys. In times like these, when you were supposed to be with family and friends, you have abandoned your family to protect Ambazonia, some of you have lost loved ones and your houses burnt by French Cameroun Forces. There is no better wish one can wish rather than making a commitment to increase your military hardware and ask God for his own protection towards you so that you will live to see homeland. On this special day, Christ came so that we may have life and life he breath upon us. May you our heroes receive this breath, be inspire more to protect God’s creation (Ambazonia) and clear all evil forces out of our land.

To our refugees who have been forced to leave their homes to far away land, to those in the bushes sleeping under the scotch of the sun and cold at nights, to our IDPs, may Christ coming today renew your faith and believe to remain strong and committed knowing that God’s vision for Ambazonia will become a reality come 2020. Thank you for your sacrifices.

To all those who have lost loved ones. Today, they join the heavenly angels to be happy for mankind as Christ is renewed again in our lives. They are happy in the spiritual realm, praying for us and asking us to remain strong so that their blood can finally rest with the ultimate restoration of Ambazonia.

To all our prisoners of war across the jails in French Cameroun and Ambazonia, I want you to be rest assured that there is no Ambazonia without you guys. You being in jail and prisons is a necessary requirement for the fulfilment of Ambazonia and you are in the history books for being one of those who have sacrificed to see that land. Rejoice and serve your time knowing that someday you shall walk into Ambazonia singing hail hail hail the land of glory. You must stay strong for us and most especially for your family. Merry Christmas.

To those of us in the diaspora, we can use Christ coming as a stepping stone for reconciliation, forgiveness. We are all prisoners and homeland is far away from us. However, should we remain focus on the price and increase our financial pool that arm our heroes on the ground, then our stay will be shorter. Yes, we can. Meryy Christmas to you all.

To all others not mentioned herein, to the silent and quiet supporters, sponsors who because of due reasons can’t come public, I want you to recognise that before anything else we are Ambazonians first and thank you for everything you do for Ambazonia. We cannot just stop. Christ is calling us today that we must carry our own cross to follow him to salvation and because we were created in God’s image and he made the world beautifully with Ambazonia as one of those special creation, we must carry our own crosses which are the daily support we give to Ambazonia and that salvation will be the eventual restoration of Ambazonia

On behalf of Mr and Mrs Bara, our children and family, I wish you compliments of the season and May we enter 2020 with a renewed spirit that energies our souls and commitment to take us to the final destination-Ambazonia

Love you all

Mark Bareta

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