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Standing Strong: Condemning Cameroon’s Psychological Warfare and Uniting Against The Enemy



Standing Strong: Condemning Cameroon’s Psychological Warfare and Uniting Against The Enemy

The public display of General Effang’s corpse by the Cameroonian military in Guzang (15/2/2024) is sadly not surprising. It reflects a recurring tactic by Cameroon to psychologically torment our people, yet their efforts have ultimately failed. I trust that Capo Daniel, the former Ambazonia Activist and handler of General Effang, now comprehends that Cameroon’s nature remains unchanged. Just as Satan is irredeemable, so too is Cameroon. Capo was quick to applaud his associates in the Cameroonian government for supposedly showing respect by not displaying the corpse of General Effang. However, he now realizes that making deals with the devil (Cameroon) is futile.

Moving beyond Capo’s wavering stance, it is imperative for the Ambazonia Leadership to recognize that our people on the ground often have no choice but to witness such atrocities forced upon them by Cameroon. Our people are already enduring immense hardships, and subjecting them to psychological torture serves Cameroon’s agenda of undermining our struggle.

Therefore, the decision by the AGOVC Leadership to ban the Guzang Market due to the viewing of General Effang’s corpse or its placement in the market square is counterproductive. It only exacerbates the suffering of our people rather than weakening the enemy. Instead, we should identify and hold accountable all military personnel and government officials seen in the video, directing our collective outrage towards efforts aimed at pushing back Cameroon’s encroachment on our land.

We must collectively resolve to exact a significant cost on Cameroon each time they display and desecrate the corpses of our brave heroes and heroines.

Thank you for your service, General Effang.

Mark Bareta, BARA
February, 16, 2024

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