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We Reject Any Unilateral Call For Ceasefire, We Will Only Embrace A UN Negotiated Ceasefire That Meets Our Objectives- Liberation Leader, Cho Ayaba On Sunday Briefings




Fellow Ambazonians

Our resistance against alien rule and foreign domination is on good course at home and at the international level. When we conceived the resistance and liberation strategy our main focused were on how to move the discussions away from the hands of Yaounde and how to make their presence in our land hell. In both counts we have made significant strides. Resistance and liberation are matters of strategic thinking and posture. Our tactics within the overall liberation plan must constantly evolve to adapt to the changing posture of the enemy. We have degraded Cameroun, made its soldiers and internal enablers vulnerable. This vulnerability has emboldened our people and even Camerounians who now believe that the system can collapse.

My fellow Ambazonians,

Cameroun has engaged in a massive assault on our bases. In Bafut they unleashed a massive attack on our people and our defense forces. We suffered some setbacks, but our forces have quickly regrouped. In Mezam following surgical operations by our forces, Cameroun unleashed a reign of terror on our key bases with the intention of setting up satellite outposts and undermining planning. Our forces have adapted to such frontal assaults and have responded with search and destroy missions, undermining supply chains. In Momo more than 14 armor cars and thousands of troops descended on our forces from multiple directions, bridging peripheral defenses. We reduced the pressure in Momo with surgical night operations in Mezam that split their forces. In undertaking the Mezam operations we had to cut off electricity to the city to enable the movement of our forces under the cover of darkness. I know some of the usual suspects were not happy with this move but would say nothing when the electricity company cuts electricity in Meme for two weeks but still charge the same amount of bills. This is a normal military strategy and will be used regularly. When the US began operations against Iraq, it took out key facilities including electricity. In our case it was not only meant to enable strategic operations, but in repairing the damaged installation we increased the cost of the occupation. Using one tactic to fulfil two key liberation strategies. In Kupe our forces cut a key highway and chased out enemy forces from a key strategic area. Our General in Kupe spoke of the bravery of his men and the support of the population. In Fako our forces were also attacked and a surgical search and destroy took out key officers of enemy forces. In Manyu our forces launched daring operations against regime targets. We have been undertaking surgical operations in Victoria. In Yaounde a sister forces detonated two IEDs. We encourage cross border operations on key targets that aid and abet the war in Ambazonia. We advise strongly against any operations in the homeland and in the enemy territory that deliberately target civilians. It will not serve the interest of our resistance. I want to congratulate our forces and I am hereby announcing an increase in our monthly bullet budget from 10.000 $ to 15000$ thanks to your commitment to TTOF. I ask you to remain confident. No liberation struggle has sustained itself fighting from the inside. We have and we should always be proud of ourselves. Don’t allow little setbacks to define you. Setbacks give winners a chance to plan better. We are not only winners, but we are champions

My fellow people

International diplomacy is swinging towards our direction. The world is coming to the realization that they are not dealing with Pa Foncha. That this generation is not cheap and cannot be tricked with flight tickets, fancy food and paid hotels. We are workers for Ambazonia and our only reward will be a recognition by the next generation of our honest contribution towards their freedom. My team has met with key UN organs. We will keep most of these discussions classified. Our best men and ladies have made compelling cases. There is movement. As far as the call for a cease fire is concerned, our response is a NO. There can only be a negotiated ceasefire and we are ready to examine if the UN call meets our objectives. Cameroon is a genocidal regime and without a protection force to protect our people, stop the burning of our villages, we cannot stop the fighting. We have promised the international community that we will cooperate with Humanitarian agencies to deliver needed supplies. a few days ago we stopped UN workers in Meme and after consultations with the appropriate UN agency we were able to determine that they had taken permission from our forces and they were allowed to continue with their work. We will continue to facilitate their work with due diligence.

Dear Ambazonians,

I enjoin you to remain committed to our liberation. We have collectively rewritten the history of our country. Where Cynics saw impossibilities, you saw opportunities. Where doubters saw challenges, we rose to the occasion to challenge. When the occupier wrote us off, we rewrote the playbook of resistance the Ambazonian way; where they described us as dissolvable two cubes, we melted the 8 cubes into a soup of confusion. You will be proud of the end game not because it has been easy but because we all found a clever way to turn our story around. You can be rest assured that we are working extremely hard and you will get up one fine morning and face a new reality; one that will completely change the lives of millions both in our home and far beyond our shores.

Aluta Continua

Dr Cho Ayaba

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  1. Sunshine

    June 28, 2020 at 8:26 PM

    French Cameroun is a leach on Southern Cameroon

    Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians) should be aware that after negotiating with french cameroun, whatever the terms, the BIR (Bulu Intervention brigade) under direct orders from biya will come in to continue their genocidal campaign in Ambazonia. The terms of negotiation must include the immediate arrest and imprisonment of any french cameroun military personnel in Southern Cameroon. After killing 22,000 Southern Cameroonians, biya is still blood thirsty.


    July 1, 2020 at 8:06 AM

    Am impressed with AYABA.
    He is consistent, unwavering and result driven.
    If our financial forces were not dispersed around, we could be seeing the end of the tunnel by now.
    May God keep you safe for Southern Cameroon

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