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The Power of the South West Region: Why Biya Can’t let Go



It is common knowledge that the southern zone of Southern Cameroons aka South West Region is the economic basket of the Cameroons. The people are very observant and once they make a decision to support a course, they do it wholeheartedly. They are very sensitive to betrayal that is why they hardly trust anyone, not even their brothers.

They are a very welcoming people, open-hearted and lovely. They know how to love and they believe so much in family values. They are friendly but are very sensitive to human rights, especially that of the girl child. They protect their women as gold. Yes, they are a proud people because they believe they deserve what they want

Their resources (SONARA) built the Presidency of La Republique du Cameroun. Without them, there is no Cameroon. They are much loved by President Paul Biya. Biya considers them the lesser evil within Anglophone Cameroon. They literally hate the opposition and would want to belong in the national cake eating at all cost.

They are very careful in joining political movements or a party, but once they do, they put in their best despite the odds for the movement to succeed. That’s why CPDM has been buoyant in the region and more importantly under their leadership in the SCNC, the Southern Cameroons struggle made some tremendous success. They harbour the capital of the then German Kamerun and Southern Cameroons and held many conferences in the political history of the Cameroons.

They are very intelligent, clean and stylish, love good food and speak impeccable English. They give a damn to culture because they believe all need to be equal. They treat their chiefs as equal. When they are pushed to the wall, they will fight while damning the odds.

The success of Southern Cameroons struggle and or change in the Cameroons will always need the people of the South West because they are very intelligent, gifted and have foresight in decision making. That is why a combination of the people of North West and South West in a united single movement will shake the Cameroons and bring the desired change we seek for.

God is still saying something.

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