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We need restoration of our statehood – Fr. Wilfred Emeh



We, the people of Southern Cameroons, are in solidarity with our churchmen who have been falsely summoned to court by the Biya regime. We understand that the so-called “parents’ consortium” is just another evil ploy by the ruthless regime aimed at intimidating the Bishops and their confreres.

All this is happening during Eastertime when the resounding message is: “Be not afraid.” The people are not afraid of earthly kings and government, they rather fear only the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell (Cf Mtt 10:28).

I consider the systemic barbaric treatment the regime has unleashed on the Southerners so far worse than the use of chemical weapons. Yes, it is worse, because the regime has violated and trampled on the human dignity of the minority piecemeal – from the rape of young girls to shooting and killing of unarmed civilians, and now, coordinated internet blackout for weeks on end.
Additionally, the regime’s unceasing determination to torment the people of Southern Cameroons suggests bad faith, wickedness and hate.

Sad! It further indicates that the two cultures were never meant to be one and undivided as insinuated by Mr Biya; therefore, what nature has put asunder no man should put together! Consequently, we need the restoration of our statehood. This being said, there is need for a united front in initially achieving an advanced federal system of government.

I understand that independence is a pursuable option as well, but as I see it, we can better equip ourselves for independence if we take the first step, which I consider a genuine federal system after the like of Germany and the United States. There is need for all parties in the diaspora to come together for a momentous course.

Remember this Struggle is about our future. Unity is strength! Let’s keep in mind that the slightest faction in this Struggle is a weapon for the egregious regime. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. After more than 55 years of slumber, we need a more realistic approach in achieving our goal.

Father Wilfred Emeh

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