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USA Ambassador to Cameroun makes the US an Accomplice to Crimes Against Humanity in Africa – Professor Lyombe Eko



Pre-1972 Federation Cameroon- Ambazonia

The United States Ambassador to Cameroon makes the US an Accomplice to Crimes Against Humanity in Africa.

United States Ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin, this week handed over two Cessna 208 surveillance aircraft to the Cameroon military in West Africa. The delivery of these tax-payer funded aircraft at this time shows the American Ambassador is tone deaf, has a poor sense of judgment, and a particularly rotten sense of timing.

Social media comments from Africans range from “the USA is evil” to the “USA becomes a partner in genocide and crimes against humanity.” Here is why the US is having such bad press among the English-speaking community in Cameroon. These military aircraft, which, together with a drone base had been committed by the Obama administration as part of the fight against Boko Haram, were delivered when facts on the ground have changed dramatically.

In effect, the Cameroon government has essentially abandoned the fight against Boko Haram and diverted all military resources from the United States and France into a genocidal war against the country’s minority English-speaking population, which is overwhelmingly Christian, and is thousands of miles from North Cameroon where Boko Haram operates.

Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin should know that on October 1, 2017, the Cameroon government has used helicopter gun-ships supplied by France and the US to fire fragmentation bombs on unarmed, impoverished civilian demonstrators asking for change and basic things like food, clean drinking water, “schools” that did not hold classes under trees, and healthcare. Scores of protesters were killed and buried in a mass grave.

United States Ambassador

Lyombe Eko

A leaked Cameroon military report on the incident sent to the Cameroon dictator, Paul Biya, the 85 year-old dictator who has been in power for 35 years tells the tale. Biya, who was wallowing in the lap of luxury at the presidential suite of the Inter-Continental Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, personally commanded this massacre. Military reports sent to him, and intercepted by Western intelligence agencies, said:

Things have gotten worse, much worse since October 2017. The Cameroon army has engaged in a scorched-earth policy straight out of Nazi German and French colonial war manuals. In response to attacks against the brutal military by a budding resistance movement, the Cameroon army has adopted the American tactic in Vietnam: destroy African villages in order to save them. Whole villages have been set ablaze and thousands of civilians killed, many burned alive in their homes. Thousands more displaced internally. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees reports that more than 25,000 English-speaking Cameroonians, mostly women and children have fled to neighboring Nigeria as refugees. There is ample video evidence on social media showing Cameroon soldiers setting fire to villages and killing innocent civilians. The military commander in-charge of the operation, General Donatien Nouma Melingui admitted to a reporter for the French News Agency (AFP) that the Cameroon army burns down houses of people suspected of having weapons (those range from machetes and knives to hunting rifles). He was relieved of his duties after this admission of committing war crimes.

For the United States government to deliver surveillance aircraft and other military equipment to a government that is actively engaged in genocidal actions and crimes against humanity at this very moment make the Trump administration, and the United States a partner and and accomplice to genocide and crimes against humanity.

Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin could have stopped this military transfer. By going through with it, he has done a lot of damage to the image and reputation of the United States and the Trump administration.

It is time for American citizens from Africa to let Congress know of the Trump administration’s partnership with genocide and mass killings in Africa. I will be posting addresses of key congress men and women later. For now here is a report of the US Ambassador handing military equipment to a genocidal dictator in the presence of French generals. This is recorded from the government mouthpiece, CTRV


Authored By: Professor Lyombe Eko.

Proessor “Leo” as is popularly known is an Ambazonian born US citizen, and professor at the College of Media and Communication of Texas Tech University, Lubbock


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