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Press Release

The CEO of BaretaNews will love to inform this platform that BaretaNews has now a new logo as attached below. Last year we launched a logo contest so that everyone could be involved but unfortunately for us the winner whom we paid gave us a design which was somewhat stolen and/or similar to another logo. This was brought to our attention by a fervent reader of BaretaNews. Considering the fact that we don’t want to engage into any legal battle with other organisation, the management of BaretaNews decided to design a new logo. We are however not asking any refund of the token we gave the winner last year.

We are hence happy to announce this new logo of BaretaNews – the people’s platform, your platform. In the weeks ahead we will be transferring to a new full fledge website that will come with a mobile app after that. We will soon also officially be engaging in adverts so as to sustain the platform and its components. We want to make BaretaNews easily accessible, enjoyable and while engaging on other news, we will focus more as a leading voice of the Southern Cameroons people.

We continue to count on your support and constructive criticisms since the start of this platform in 2008.

God bless you.

Mark Bareta

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