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Southern Cameroons Youth Front Calls For Great Mobilisation



The Southern Cameroons Youth Front has issued a press statement in regards to the present situation in Southern Cameroons. Amongst which they call for a peaceful walk on 2nd January. Read the Press Statement below

POSITION STATEMENT ON THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS BY Southern Cameroons Youth Front (Cameroon Youth Association)
In the wake of the ongoing historic struggle for our exit from oppression, deprivation, humiliation, maltreatment&other forms of inhumane treatment;

As we look forward to that day, time and moment when we shall walk down our streets as first class citizens with equal rights and opportunities which moment has become so obvious as things unfold despite the regimes continuous refusal to reasonably and constructively acknowledge the Anglophone problem and solve same;

We are therefore minded as the committed Youth Front of Former West Cameroon solemnly state as follows;

1) That the government’s decision to hold separate meetings in separate towns and sidelining key leaders like Bar. Agbor Balla is another calculated attempt by the regime to divide the Anglophones which act we strenuously condemn.

2) That Lawyers and Teachers and other groups had long constituted themselves into the Consortium making it the sole competent body to engage into talks with regime.

3) That the immediate and unconditional release of all southern Cameroonians wherever they maybe by the regime remains a major pre-condition for any reasonable dialogue.

4) That youths all over southern Cameroons should intensify mobilization towards the great peaceful freedom March while avoiding any confrontation with the ruthless forces of the regime.

We submit further that because we have refuse to bow to pressure, threats, bribe and intimidation from this inhumane regime, be rest assured that freedom is just at our door steps.

Because we are united, stronger, dedicated and focused today more than ever before as a people despite the divisive strategies put in place by the regime, We are confident that in a season like this, our GOD who is just, faithful and merciful will see us through.

Consequently, we call on our leaders of the Consortium and all Southern Cameroonians and especially youths who have suffered the highest casualties so far to remain steadfast and focused as the struggle continues.

For the Youth Front

Marcel Amabo Mutanga

Nanje Elvis
Secretary General

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