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Southern Cameroonians Reject Offer of “Camerounaise” Nationality



Interim Government of Buea

Southern Cameroonians Reject Offer of “Camerounaise” Nationality

The Consortium has reviewed the draft law (bill) of La République du Cameroun titled “The Code of Persons and The Family.” The said bill would be tabled at the Parliament of La République du Cameroun in the days ahead for debate.

The Consortium hereby points out as follows:

1. Section 114 of the said draft explicitly seeks to confer “Camerounaise” nationality on the people of the once Independent State of Southern Cameroons without following the international processes which require such and against the wishes and aspirations of the people.

2. By trying to forge a new nationality for the people of the once Independent State of Southern Cameroons in 2020, La République du Cameroun is acknowledging that the two peoples have never been one, admitting to their permanent falsehood about a certain one and indivisible Cameroun.

On the basis of the foregoing, The Consortium further wishes to articulate the position of Southern Cameroons civil society which is the downright rejection of these desperate efforts to assimilate our people using sterile legal instruments retroactively. Southern Cameroons have never been part of La République du Cameroun and our citizens can, therefore, never become “Camerounais”.

The Consortium would also like to remind the international community that the people of the once Independent State of Southern Cameroons overwhelmingly rejected the 2018 Presidential Elections and the February 9, 2020, Local and Parliamentary Elections that Yaounde attempted to force on us, as a sign that we will settle for nothing less than the restoration of our independence. We are determined to pursue this goal and to employ every legal means to achieve it.

Those purporting to represent our territory and peoples in the Parliament of La République du Cameroun are, in fact, hand-picked cronies of the annexationist who have been hired to scuttle the quest for our freedom. The statistics of the La République elections management body (Below 5% overall) indicate clearly that voter turnout in the once Independent State of Southern Cameroons did not warrant any representation in the colonial Parliament.

The Consortium calls on all Southern Cameroonians to remain vigilant, resolute, and not get distracted by the plot being concocted in neighboring La République du Cameroun. The move for the restoration of our statehood is unstoppable. Cameroun MUST withdraw its forces from our territory.

Done at Buea this 27th day of June 2020

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sunshine

    June 29, 2020 at 5:11 AM

    French Cameroun is cursed and will never recover for killing more than 22,000 peaceful Southern Cameroonians.

    You may want to know that french camerounians and biya are masters at deception and fraud. First they come at you and pretend they are friends only when they discover you have something that they badly need such as petroleum. They accuse you for not accepting their friendship. You give in and they get into your house to quickly make it theirs. They go through the ten conners of your house carting away your oil, gold, wood, cocoa, coffee etc. They even set up the bir, biya’s bulu militia trained by Israeli generals to stop you from getting around in your own house. When you complain about french cameroun brutality, they bully and rape your daughters, torture some of the boys, kill some and imprison others. In your presence they rape and kill your wife. You complain to the UN AU, france and britain but they look the other way because part of the stolen wealth from Southern Cameroon went to them in petroleum, gold, coffee and beautiful chains each time the came to commune with biya. french cameroun will never believe the bones of the 22,000 killed in Southern Cameroon will rise again to hunt down their killers. french cameroun will cease to be a country; they will splinter like the over 400 villages, old people, women and children they burnt in Southern Cameroon. They are cursed to live like vagabonds and leaches because they waged war on God’s innocent, peaceful Children in Southern Cameroon!!! Wait and SEE for yourselves how it turns out in french Cameroun!!! The hunter shall surely become the hunted wallowing in shame, disdain and guilt.

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