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UNDP Promoting and Abetting Genocide in Southern Cameroons



UNDP Promoting and Abetting Genocide in Southern Cameroons

The Southern Cameroons Civil Society Consortium (The Consortium) has observed an increasing clientelist collaboration between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Cameroun government to the detriment if citizens of the once independent State of Southern Cameroons.

We have noted the Resident Representative, Allegra Baiocchi has taken up the role of advocate to the annexationist regime of Mr. Paul Biya in promoting and enabling the ongoing genocide in our Homeland. The UNDP has orchestrated a campaign of misinformation, disinformation and manipulation, as seen in the meeting in Cameroun’s economic capital, Douala on August 5, 2020 with Southern Cameroons religious leaders.

The reconstruction programme put in place by Mr. Biya is actually a UNDP-driven project meant to derail the wishes and aspirations of our people, contrary to their claim that the Cameroun government was only contributing CFA F 9 billion of the CFA 90 billion agreed upon to execute the projects. But these same officials recently claimed that the entire programme was being financed by the Cameroun government and that the UN Agency was only a technical partner and not a contributor.

The Consortium would like to point out as follows:

Firstly, that our major priority as a people, is to take control of our own affairs and reshape our destiny from the violent annexation we have suffered in the hands of La République du Cameroun.

Secondly, the press statement written by UNDP Officials and imputed on Roman Catholic Bishops (some of whom were not physically present at the Douala meeting and only saw the release on social media), the Moderator of the PCC, the Executive President of the CBC and others does not speak to the wishes and aspirations of the critical mass of Southern Cameroonians. When they spoke for themselves in public meetings, these same people told the Biya-led regime that talks of reconstruction at this time were not opportune.

Therefore, The Consortium underscores that there would be no reconstruction anywhere in Southern Cameroons until a negotiated settlement is reached between Southern Cameroons and La République du Cameroun, during which the root causes of the conflict between the two parties are addressed.

It is regrettable, that on a day the people of Southern Cameroons and international rights organizations are expressing bitterness at the death of one of the country’s illustrious sons, the venerated mechanical engineer, Thomas Tangem with his hands cuffed to his bed at the Yaounde central hospital, the UNDP was busy celebrating the perpetrator. Mr. Tangem was abducted in 2017 and held in an underground torture chamber incommunicado for four years before being transferred to the Kondengui maximum security prison to his death. He was never charged for any crimes before a law court.

The Consortium urges the international community and human rights organizations to support a peaceful end to the brutal war declared by Mr. Paul Biya on the Southern Cameroons, which has claimed thousands of lives and displaced over 1.5 million people.

The Consortium believes in a lasting political settlement reached through peace talks held in a neutral country and be facilitated by a mutually accepted international mediator.

Done in Buea….

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  1. Felix Bongjoh

    August 7, 2020 at 11:31 PM

    If the UNDP is not playing its appropriate role in Ambazonia and is instead fueling the genocide in the victimized country, Mr. Antonio Guterres’ attention must be drawn to the facts on the ground through appropriate channels of communication spearheaded by the local and international media and other agencies involved. Humanitarian bodies, including Human Rights Watch, should buttress the effort as well.
    So far, one is not seeing much of a relieving role being played by UNDP in Ambazonia. And this is not only regrettable, but calls for IMMEDIATE ACTION BY UN OFFICIALS IN AMBAZONIA, where the fighting and killings are going on – and NOT IN YAOUNDE, where only shady deals
    invariably take place in collaboration with government officials at the highest levels. The UN system must not forget it is dealing with ONE OF THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD.

    By the way, why is it taking the UN so long a time to send a SPECIAL UN MISSION to investigate and scale down all forms abuses, atrocities and negligence in the exercise of UN authority by some officials on the ground, including those responsible for covering the conflict. After all, in the past, the UN has dispatched special missions to countries like Burundi, which experienced skirmishes less severe than the genocide taking place in Ambazonia.

  2. Sunshine

    August 10, 2020 at 4:22 AM

    la republique du cameroun will eventually self-destruct.

    We can’t trust biya, the UNDP and Allegera Baiocchi. This lady and her friend biya are very deceitful and corrupt. AMBAZONINA IS NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN PART OF LA REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN. BIYA AND BAIOCCHI have a deal with france to continue the enslavement of Ambazonia. This will finally bring biya, la republique with all her bir forces and friends to total destruction. Give three years and see la republique du cameroun self-destruct.

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