The Winning Struggle Must Go On Even Stronger- Bareta/Tapang

Joint Statement By Mark Bareta & Tapang Ivo Tanku:

The Winning Struggle Must Go On Even Stronger

It has been a while since we sent out joint statements. The last statement was before the 17 January 2017 decision appointing us into the Consortium. On this note, we want to make known the following affirmations for all those who follow us and our fellow Southern Cameroonians.

1. After observing the social media hype and razzmatazz, we would love to state that on no account should anyone call home to say students should go back to school or that the civil disobedience should stop. You must not do that. Not in our name and for no reason(s). We understand that citizens are somewhat frustrated. But remember that the enemy is probably laughing by now.

There are many who just want to sit there and see us fail. Don’t give them that opportunity. Tell our enemies to know that despite our differences in the Southern Cameroons state we want to build and not destroy, there would always be a participatory democracy and we can only rise up stronger above our differences whenever we fall.

It is a taboo to even think of stopping this struggle now. We must reclaim our lost Southern Cameroons state.

2. We must intensify the winning struggle more than ever before. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The next time we will get this will be in 200 centuries. We must think about our unborn generation. History must not repeat itself. Never!

3. We must halt all castigations and insults of our leaders in public. Everyone is a leader because we are unique in the role we play in this struggle. We must criticize and do so respectfully so that a leader who reads you understand you mean well. We must avoid unnecessary blackmail. It dampens the resolve of our leaders and people.

4. We must focus on the struggle and along the line learn to forgive. Remember this is the period of Lent, and Easter is around the corner. As Christ will be crucified soon, let him die with our worries, our sins, our betrayals and our hatred. And let Easter rekindle the hope of the Southern Cameroons people. Let us be born anew. We should avoid politicking. We should fight as if we were the only soldiers left on the battlefield.

5. We should not fight on the same road with travelers heading to the same destination. We should avoid eye contacts and stay on course. If you can, dig out your own shortcut, create your own road and fire on. Be your own army and stand by your confidence. Let us instead complement each other – knowing that every road leads to Buea, Southern Cameroons. Remember, it does not matter who arrives first. What matters if we all arrived safely. Avoid accidents. We need every passenger to be safe and sound.

6. We call on our respective followers to avoid hate speech and propaganda, especially against our own fighters using the social media. We must learn to go high whenever others drag us low. Only one thing needs our energy, resolve and commitment now – The Winning Struggle. We must pour out all negative energy on the big elephant – President Paul Biya and his gangster “unitary” political system.

7. With or without Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku as members or leaders of the Consortium, this winning struggle must continue. Remember that no one Southern Cameroonian is indispensable. We must believe in our own selves and actions to bring positive change and help the struggle to win fatly.

Therefore, you are your own formidable army. Remember to follow the WINNING STRUGGLE AND NOT INDIVIDUALS. Be the drivers of your destiny.

Remember, ghost towns continue Mondays. You must make it happen by calling and texting home even if you do not get it from us.

Thank you, Southern Cameroonians.

Mark Bareta, Activist from Bui County Southern Cameroons.

Tapang Ivo Tanku, Freethinker and solution-oriented critic from Lebialem County, Southern Cameroons



  1. George

    April 8, 2017 at 1:23 PM

    Wisely spoken. The role of Mark and Tapang in that struggle cannot be overestimated. Your dedication is tremendously. I wish that you both find one day the possibility to speak out with the remaining consortium guys. We are human beings and we make errors. We are not perfect but we can forgive each other. Moreover I wish that the groups within the struggle start serious and respectful discussions. I think that is a process. One have to learn democracy. There is a need to tolerate different approaches and opinions.

    We should not forget to recognize the role of the younger generations. It is the youth who is fighting with power against that gangster regime. We need them and they need to be included and appreciated within the various Southern Cameroonian movements.


  2. Malis

    April 9, 2017 at 12:54 AM

    Keep it up, warriors.
    Things comes things go, those who decide to stay, stay. Southern Cameroonians stays, we are not coming nor are we going.
    We ultimately makes what ever is, what it is and not the other way around.

  3. Sirri

    April 9, 2017 at 2:01 AM

    Wap.This is wonderful. These two gentlemen keep putting a smile on my face with their spirit of professionalism. You guys are GOD fearing experts and Wuna pass that level web some want drag Wuna too.I just so much admire your intelligence.Once more again the devil has faild for especially those who are fighting power,they go wonder.

  4. Belljoe

    April 10, 2017 at 10:37 AM

    You are two warriors Southern Cameroon is proud of I commend you guys and hereby acknowledge nothing will stop this struggle as one people we fall wake up and move on great guys of Southern Cameroon back in full force.Resistance resistance resistance

  5. Belljoe

    April 10, 2017 at 10:38 AM

    You are two warriors Southern Cameroon is proud of I commend you guys and hereby acknowledge nothing will stop this struggle as one people we fall wake up and move on great guys of Southern Cameroon back in full force.Resistance resistance resistance

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