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That La Republique’s Scam; “Non Humanitarian Aid” isn’t benefitting Southern Cameroons



Some newspapers even in the Southern Cameroons are reporting on the humanitarian aids by LRC in a most unusual style depending on how they now see things.  If BaretaNews doesn’t come in now, it might mislead public opinion on the recent propaganda made last week by hitman, Paul Atanga Nji of dictator Biya. The colonial slave who is interior minister for the Yaoundé gang brandished some supposedly 55 trucks of a handful of items, purportedly for the Displaced people in Ambazonia.

There are many things our people are yet to know and understand about this inconsequential move. The question of “intention of the giver” always comes to mind in every of such intended gesture to humanity. This is where you decipher if it’s for Humanitarian or Non- humanitarian, Diabolic Motive.

It is common sense to know that someone who calls you a terrorist, send his army to exterminate you, wipe out your history and future, could turn around and place a bone for you the “dog” (As they refer to Amazonians) to feed on. What could be the intention for killing hundred and thousand of Ambazonians and instead of stopping the killings, you drive in some “poisoned” goods to throw at some “dogs?”

It is obvious that the so called Humanitarian Aid from Biya’s cruel regime is to play around with the international community. Those handpicked and given these petite items do not measure up 3% of the affected population. It has been revealed that, these trucks do not go beyond the offices of colonial administrators in the main towns.
These colonial thieves in their usual embezzlement format continue from where Atanga Nji had left. They steal their own relief materials and them send the rest to their occupational army. Few who benefit hugely from the process are some media outfits, Chiefs, mayors, and others.

In actual fact, the real needy IDPs  are found Kilometres away from city centers. They are the ones who suffer the most from arsons and massacre. They live with wildlife in bushes. Thousands are in camps in Nigeria and had earlier this year rejected the food stuff from the same regime that murders them.

Come to think of it, for a county like Momo, less than 10 persons were awarded the last time with each a mattress, some sugar, tomatoes and a bag of rice. How does that reconstruct a family house, bring back live?

Atanga nji, Biya’s agent is a clown of the century, to smile and beat his chest that he is manipulating everyone, time will soon catch up severely with him. Whatever they take Ambazonians for, Hungry Dogs? We shall find out.
We encourage our Restoration forces to take prompt actions to stop these provocative, poisoned and ill-intented articles from trespassing our national borders. Stop them, its a camouflage. You can fool some people but not all the times.

We know who benefits from your so called humanitarian Aids; your colonial administrators and the military leaders. But be sure to pay severely one day for this scam.
How the regime will allow for its own aids and prevent international organizations like WHO and FAO from entering Ambazonia remains uncalled for.

At this moment of the crisis, what is important is not food aids, but Negotiations as proposed by President Sisiku Ayuk of Ambazonia, imprisoned in the enemy’s prison and all who have said a thing on the war. Our people should focus on a long term solutions, not on poisoned bread and sardine from the same enemy they are fighting .

Sumelong Ekane

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  1. Sunshine

    June 17, 2019 at 5:27 PM

    bieya kills french cameroun soldiers to blame it on Ambazonians.

    The so called humanitarian poisoned goods sent to the NWSW is the outcome of a vengeful war declared by beiya on the peaceful people of Ambazonia. this yaounde despot is looking for a way out of his mess to no avail. What he started by declaring war on Southern Cameroon and killing unarmed Ambazonians, is making a u turn on him. bieya just started killing his own soldiers and blaming it on the so called separatist terrorists in Mamfe. By so doing, bieya is trying to deceive the world that he is fighting terrorists in Southern Cameroon. The truth stands, that bieya will kill even his own to placate the international community that has continued to denounce and ridicule his thirst for Ambazonian blood. The God of Justice will Vindicate Ambazonia as we watch bieya start the slaughter of francophones in the name of his fake indivisible phantom country, lrc.

  2. Jon

    June 18, 2019 at 5:24 AM


    HALLELUJAH (GOD BE PRAISED)!!!!!!! Fifty five (55) TRUCKLOADS OF HUMANITARIAN AID BY THE GOVERNMENT OF CAMEROON HAVE ARRIVED THE NORTH WEST (NW) AND SOUTH WEST (SW) REGIONS OF CAMEROON. Unfortunately, members of my family who are INTERNALLY DISPLACED PERSONS (IDPs) in the Moungo (Mungo) Division, Littoral Region will not be benefitting this time. However, I am so very happy for those who will be reached in the NW and SW Regions.

    HOW MUCH HUMANITARIAN AID HAS THE INTERNET GOVERNMENT (IG) PROVIDED? NON! NON! NON! About $2 million was raised by the MTTB fundraiser, and not even a $1 was directed towards ALLEVIATING THE SUFFERING AND MISERY of the IDPs. Instead the money was used to fund the LAVISH LIFESTYLE of Dr Sako Ikome ($160,000 – salary, rents, hotel bills, insurance, flights, uber for his children’s transport to school, etc.), to pay Chris Anus’ bills, to pay Tabenyang, etc. Money raised for the IG’s piggy bank. The IG does not care about the UNTOLD HARDSHIP VISITED UPON THE LESS FORTUNATE ANGLOPHONE CAMEROONIANS by amba terrorists.

    The INTENTION of the Government of Cameroon regarding Humanitarian Aid distribution to IDPs in the NW and SW Regions is NOBLE!!!!! If the Government of Cameroon has been supporting large numbers of refugees from Nigeria and Central African Republic for many years now, then why not WHOLEHEARTEDLY SUPPORT ITS OWN IDPs, ITS OWN FLESH AND BLOOD? Our IDPs are NEITHER DOGS NOR HUNGRY DOGS. They are DECENT PEOPLE (our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, etc.) who have been forced out of their villages and towns, and some forced to abandon their farms and jobs because they were being TERRORISED BY AMBAZONIA TERRORISTS (MAIMED, BEHEADED, LIMBS CHOPPED OFF, KIDNAPPED FOR HEFTY RANSOMS, EXTORTED, WOMEN WERE REPEATEDLY RAPED TO DEATH, ETC.).

    Please, Sumelong Ekane, tell your fellow ambazonia terrorists NOT TO INTIMIDATE THE IDPs FROM ACCEPTING THE HUMANITARIAN AID. Also, tell them NOT TO SEIZE THE AID ITEMS FROM THE HAPLESS, HELPLESS, DESTITUTE IDPs AND BURN THEM. You send money (from your asylum allowance from the Belgian Government) to members of your family. Thus, they might not need aid, but others need the aid to survive and live another day. IS IT FAIR FOR YOU; YOUR MASTER SLAVE OWNER, Mark Bareta; ERIC TATAW; AKWANGA; AND OTHERS TO FORBID IDPs, WITHOUT THE FINANCIAL MEANS TO BUY BASIC NECESSITIES WHILST YOU PEOPLE SEND MONEY TO MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILIES IN THE NW AND SW REGIONS TO BUY BASIC NECESSITIES, PAY RENTS, BUY CLOTHES, BUY CARS, ETC., ACCEPTING THE HUMANITARAIN AID? GOD FORBID!!!!!!! The more you try to discourage them from accepting the AID, the AID will become a FORBIDDEN FRUIT – THEY WILL DESIRE THE AID ALL THE MORE. Your DIABOLIC PLAN is, for those IDPs who do not have children or relatives in the diaspora who support them financially, like you support members of your family, TO STARVE TO DEATH. ANYWAY , AMBAZONIA IS A SHAMBOLIC DEATH CULT THAT DO PEOPLE TO DEATH.

    You SADISTS are quick to mention astronomical numbers of IDPs on your Facebooks, Twitter Pages, at conferences, etc. Yet, you do not FEEL PITY and SORROW for them. Fundraising to buy AK 47s and sending more BRAINWASHED YOUNG PEOPLE to their deaths is paramount to you than helping the IDPs. Again, the STRATEGEM is simple, if so many of these riff-raffs are neutralized by the Cameroonian Defence and Security Forces, then the SADISTS will cry genocide and there will be military intervention by a western nation. That will not happen!!!

    • Bonnie

      June 18, 2019 at 9:56 PM

      @jon what a primitive,moron, uncivilise Cameroonians slave,the reason biya has destroyed your selfworth as human beings in a Shithole embarrassing country of uncaring, corrupt, bribery embezzlement bitches, running round killing youths,babies to please their dotage, regressive genocidal president who has held all the people hostage in poverty,fright,with a handful of weak slum elites with no running clean tap water in their rat,roaches, mosquitoes infested homes,you have the guts and freedom to write rubbish yet in your lrc,no one has that right,shows how primitiveness is affecting beggars slaves who are threatened by the truth, Ambazonians will fund,fight,destroy all lrc money making abilities in their country,expose them to the world as they are until lrc is crumble,Atanga bitch excon are all living on borrowed time, ungrateful rat,you can write on Bareta news,why not in any news in your dictatorship regime? dirty, unpatriotic francophone with no history

      • Jon

        June 18, 2019 at 11:53 PM

        A child in Preschool in the West writes better than you.

        You are like the “ILLITERATE SCHOOL MASTER” in Strange Tales of the Arabian Night.

    • Sumelong Ekane

      June 19, 2019 at 9:51 AM

      When you spend time writing this long gibberish, do you expect a response?
      Go to Atanga nji’s website and talk this trash

      • Jon

        June 19, 2019 at 3:43 PM

        Gibberish? No! Sumelong Ekane, Mark Bareta’s LAPDOG, you know very well that what I write makes sense and is truthful. And you know from my writing that I am NO NUMBSKULL (NUMSKULL).

        Mr Eugene Eno Sumelong of Tombel, your dad, should be very disappointed in and with you.

        I WRITE LONG TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT, AND TO KEEP YOU HONEST. No freedom of expression in “ambazonia?” Amue Sumelong Ekane, it’s safe to jump ship now. You remain our ERRANT brother, and our arms are wide open to receive you back. AMNESTY! AMNESTY! AMNESTY! WHILE IT LASTS!

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