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That La Republique’s Scam; “Non Humanitarian Aid” isn’t benefitting Southern Cameroons



Some newspapers even in the Southern Cameroons are reporting on the humanitarian aids by LRC in a most unusual style depending on how they now see things. If BaretaNews doesn’t come in now, it might mislead public opinion on the recent propaganda made last week by hitman, Paul Atanga Nji of dictator Biya. The colonial slave who is interior minister for the Yaound√© gang brandished some supposedly 55 trucks of a handful of items, purportedly for the Displaced people in Ambazonia.

There are many things our people are yet to know and understand about this inconsequential move. The question of “intention of the giver” always comes to mind in every of such intended gesture to humanity. This is where you decipher if it’s for Humanitarian or Non- humanitarian, Diabolic Motive.

It is common sense to know that someone who calls you a terrorist, send his army to exterminate you, wipe out your history and future, could turn around and place a bone for you the “dog” (As they refer to Amazonians) to feed on. What could be the intention for killing hundred and thousand of Ambazonians and instead of stopping the killings, you drive in some “poisoned” goods to throw at some “dogs?”

It is obvious that the so called Humanitarian Aid from Biya’s cruel regime is to play around with the international community. Those handpicked and given these petite items do not measure up 3% of the affected population. It has been revealed that, these trucks do not go beyond the offices of colonial administrators in the main towns.
These colonial thieves in their usual embezzlement format continue from where Atanga Nji had left. They steal their own relief materials and them send the rest to their occupational army. Few who benefit hugely from the process are some media outfits, Chiefs, mayors, and others.

In actual fact, the real needy IDPs are found Kilometres away from city centers. They are the ones who suffer the most from arsons and massacre. They live with wildlife in bushes. Thousands are in camps in Nigeria and had earlier this year rejected the food stuff from the same regime that murders them.

Come to think of it, for a county like Momo, less than 10 persons were awarded the last time with each a mattress, some sugar, tomatoes and a bag of rice. How does that reconstruct a family house, bring back live?

Atanga nji, Biya’s agent is a clown of the century, to smile and beat his chest that he is manipulating everyone, time will soon catch up severely with him. Whatever they take Ambazonians for, Hungry Dogs? We shall find out.
We encourage our Restoration forces to take prompt actions to stop these provocative, poisoned and ill-intented articles from trespassing our national borders. Stop them, its a camouflage. You can fool some people but not all the times.

We know who benefits from your so called humanitarian Aids; your colonial administrators and the military leaders. But be sure to pay severely one day for this scam.
How the regime will allow for its own aids and prevent international organizations like WHO and FAO from entering Ambazonia remains uncalled for.

At this moment of the crisis, what is important is not food aids, but Negotiations as proposed by President Sisiku Ayuk of Ambazonia, imprisoned in the enemy’s prison and all who have said a thing on the war. Our people should focus on a long term solutions, not on poisoned bread and sardine from the same enemy they are fighting .

Sumelong Ekane

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