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French Cameroun’s Violation of Geneva Convention Crescendos as Human Right Crusaders Shed Tears



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

French Cameroun’s Violation of Geneva Convention Crescendos as Human Right Crusaders Shed Tears

By Mbah Godlove.

The Colonial Republic of French Cameroun has continued to disrespect International Humanitarian Law with Impunity as the Ambazonia War of Independence deteriorates, Barrister Amungwa Nicodemus has said.

Following the unlawful killing of a 55year old Ambazonian Prisoner by Colonial security forces in Yaounde recently, the lead counsel of the Ambazonian detainee regretted the inhumane treatment of their clients.

The communication officer of the defense team, Barr. Amungwa said the killing of Thomas Tangem under such deplorable detention conditions was just one of a myriad killings masterminded by the Biya’s regime.

It is worth mentioning that the late Tangem died while chained to a sick bed.

Following the recent murder, some legal minds and members of civil society organisations began calling on the International community to punish la Republic du Cameroun for out rightly failing to respect International Humanitarian Law amidst the deepening Ambazonia War of Independence.

The third Geneva Convention which focuses on the humane treatment of Prisoners of War and the fourth which emphasizes the need to exclude civilians from hostilities, they have argued, have repeatedly been abused with impunity.

Detained Ambazonians are said to be suffering from poor conditions ranging from torture, overcrowded prisons, as well as starvation.

It is on this premise that the human right advocates are calling on the International community to sanction French Cameroun for its systematic disrespect of International Humanitarian Law since outset of the deadly armed conflict in 2016.

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