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Bui Colonial SDO meets strife wall as Bui Warriors set ablaze his poisonous gifts



Interim Government of Buea

Colonial SDO for Bui County meets strife wall from Southern Cameroonian IDPs, RF set ablaze his poisonous gifts

Since Cameroun minister of territorial administration (the most criminal of biya’s regime) was assigned to handle the so called Humanitarian Assistance Aid to reintegrate the people of Ambazonian, tongues have been wagging, even in La Republique government circles on what has become of the money.

In his distribution plan, Atanga Nji hasn’t set foot on the soil of Ambazonia to distribute these materials. He sent some officials from his office in Yaound√© who ended at Headquarters of just 2 counties, Mezam and Momo. The rest of the “poisonous gifts” have been kept at the disposal of some colonial administrator to distribute subsequently.

This accounts for how Colonial SDO for Bui, Simon Emile Mooh, had these materials in his keeping and by Wednesday march 13th had taken some to the BANSO BAPTIST HOSPITAL , BBH to fulfill the wish of his masters. He was shocked as the administration of the hospital categorically denounced the gesture referring to the materials as poisonous.

News reaching us from there says, the Restoration Forces of Bui later stormed the area and set the “poisonous gifts” ablaze.  The gifts which are not usually more than a 25kg of rice, a pack of maggi and sugar, 30.000 FRS worth mattress and few cans of Sardines, are usually not always given to more than 20 people. These are people prearranged for the exercise.
BerataNews brings to the attention if all, the ill-faith and pretentious intention of this exercise by the La Republic regime. As we speak, more than 250 villages have been attacked by biya’s forces. Citizens have lost houses, cattles, shops, and lives. The regime can’t pretend to be remorseful by donating such vexing gifts to a conscious people.

May we alert you that the leader of the macabre exercise of Ambazonian’s in-house enemy, Atanga Nji of Santa County gives out 1 million and says its 2 billion, while he embezzles the rest. Southern Cameroonians must be cautious to know that, biya launched a 12billion Emmergency humanitarian Assistance plan last year which was later followed by Atanga Nji’s campaign to raise the money, only about 2 billion was raised and a good chunk pockted by Atanga. 

Its Hon. Wirba who questioned if Ambazonians have become dogs that when you beat them, maim them, insult and kill them, you rush back with a piece of bone and throw to them expecting your sores to be licked.BaretaNews team salutes the Resolve of the administration of BBH, like the IDPs of Cross River State Nigeria, who have come to realise the madness in that distribution process.

Many now like never before, believe those good have been poisoned with chemicals to easily kill Ambazonians like the Chemical used in Bali LGA months ago.

Sumelong Ekane

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