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Hon. Wirba Shames Musonge and Team of Elevated Slaves



Message from Honourable Wirba.
Subject: The Shame of The Musonge, Nalova & Chiefs Saga in Buea.

After listening to the high theatrics from Buea, and the desperate tone of some of the speakers, one thing stood out clearly. The speakers do not represent the people of West Cameroon, and went as far as using hate speech in trying to get the attention of West Cameroonians. What a shame!

They failed woefully in their evil effort. Our dignified people of West Cameroon know better than that. We, as a people, do not buy from the hate market, no matter how attractive the deal may look, and no matter how professional the hate dealers may seem.

To us West Cameroonians, hate is extremely detestable and has no place in our vibrant culture. But, it helped to remind us of some historical lessons. In the history of human slavery, the elevated slaves like Musonge, Atanga Nji and co., have always been more dangerous to their people’s calls for freedom, than the slave masters and their families.
This should give us more encouragement, that we are closing in on the people’s success. This is because, the same historical facts on slavery teach us that, while the slave masters tried the whip and the gun and failed, they then realised that their whole household of slaves is really not like one man to die for freedom. The fear of being overtaken drives the enraged masters to send in the elevated slaves to do the dirty job.

That shameless bunch in Buea, with only one or two exceptions, came to do the master’s dirty job and did a very poor, dirty job, at the master’s expense.

The dirty job in the 17th century, was for the masters to give the fire and the gun powder to the elevated slaves to burn down their brethren in the dark of the night. In the 21st century, the dirty job, as displayed in Buea, was to give the elevated slaves the fire of hate, so that the slave quarters can be torched, and burned to ashes in broad daylight by our elevated slave brethren themselves.

This would usually give the masters some little sleep for a night or two because, in the insane logic of slavery, the masters tell themselves that it wasn’t they who did the burning. It was their own people who did that to them.

To all those people who assembled in Buea, we send them a solid West Cameroonian vote of shame. The collective will of the people of West Cameroon is to peacefully take back all our basic freedoms confiscated in this traumatic union, and use that platform to build a solid and better future for all our children and their children’s children.

By standing up against these God given rights demanded by your people, you have wrongly chosen to stand on the side of the oppressors, rather than standing on the side of your oppressed people.

History has never forgiven any person, or any group of persons, that stood up against their own blood for personal benefit.

We therefore hand you and your hate talk to the good and peaceful people of West Cameroon, who will prove to you and your masters from Monday 6th of February onwards, that all you said and did in Buea amounted only to a hot bag of polluted wind that quickly dissipated over the Fako mountain even before you left your meeting hall.

Thank you very much.

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