Reflection: Focus On The Real Enemy Or Self-Destruct The Revolution







Beware of Self-destruction Ambazonians

One of the most effective tools the government of La Republique du Cameroun has always used against Ambazonians is the trap of self-destruction; Leading Ambazonians into situations where they destroy themselves in ignorance while the real enemy watches from a safe distance with amusement. It has always worked effectively since the 60s and it is very much at work again at this stage of the revolution. Ambazonians have to decide whether to focus on the real enemy or on the trap.

The current Ambazonia self-destruction strategy by La Republique du Cameroun consists of several facets, some of which we know even if we ignore and others we simply don’t know.

Pitching Ambazonians from the northern zone against those from the southern zone is an old game known to most Ambazonians even if we ignore sometimes and still fall victim to it. It has rocked us during this phase of the struggle from the time of the famous Consortium to the current leading factions. If this well known game is like an old disease we can’t get rid of, there are new ones in play at this moment and we can get rid of those ones.

Truth be spoken, the war AGAINST Ambazonia we talk about every day is actually just the war IN Ambazonia. The two are not the same. A war “against” implies advances and retreats across the two sides involved by opposing forces. A war “in” implies all action focusing on a particular territory by opposing forces. As long as we continue to accept it as a war in Ambazonia, we are bound straight for self-destruction. If we think the war is against Ambazonia as declared by the enemy himself, then offensives should not be focused only on Ambazonia soil. Offensives should go across into the enemy’s territory too. Since the option of dialogue has been completely eliminated and war left as the only option so be it. However, let the war be fought on all fronts. Even in the game of football, the most humiliating defeat is when a team succeeds to contain the opposing team in their half of the field, beating them until the game ends.

Prisoners of war are good bargain chips if only you have the right ones. There are some prisoners of war that are a complete waste of resources, not to talk of ridicule. La Republique du Cameroun has so far been excellent in using the bargain chips in their possession. They have taken Ambazonians captive from the heart of Ambazonia and kept them in the heart of La Republique du Cameroun, that’s strategic warfare. On the other hand, Ambazonians have taken Ambazonians captive from the heart of Ambazonia and kept them in Ambazonia, that’s self-destruction.

Spying is an integral part of modern warfare. The most valuable and effective spies are those from the enemy’s camp. La Republique du Cameroun has succeeded so well in this as well. Most of their spies are from Ambazonia. The end game is simple: If the spies are successful it is a big win for La Republique du Cameroun. If they are not successful and Ambazonians arrest, torture or kill them it is still a win for La Republique du Cameroun because, not only shall Ambazonians feel the guilt of killing one of theirs, the act will make friends and family resent Ambazonia Restoration Forces – hence, self-destruction.

Seeing how successful this game is going, La Republique du Cameroun is also making sure that, from Elokobi to Atanga Nji, all armed forces as well as administrative officers sent to operate in Ambazonia, are well-selected bought-over Ambazonians. This is to ensure that the self-destruction mechanism continues to work effectively. Reality checks of all casualties of war since the beginning of this war proves this bitter but true fact: Ambazonians are slowly but surely into self-destruction.

Ghost Towns, Civil Disobedience and boycotts hit Ambazonians hard and only scratched the enemy. Peaceful demonstrations earned Ambazonians indiscriminate shootings, killings, mass arrests and torture. Attacks on armed forces from La Republique du Cameroun earned Ambazonians whole villages burnt down and inhabitants sent fleeing into the bushes. If that is what self-defense means then I think a better term for it is “self attack.”

The way out of this path to self-destruction is simply to answer this question: Is it better to eliminate the trap or the trapper? Leaders of Ambazonia Restoration Forces know better than the answer to this question for sure. Smart up!

Ndoh Emmanuel
For Bareta News

Otto Ama


  1. Malis

    March 13, 2018 at 1:16 PM

    French-Africa political systems are the most inhumane, savage, backward, corrupt, barbaric systems of governance ever created. It’s soul purpose is to take humans and turn them into animals, savages, barbarians.

    Only sick leaders implements such systems.

    The devils in Yaounde has lost all control.

  2. Amba

    March 13, 2018 at 1:22 PM

    They will never smart up because

    1) So long as some naive and stupid individuals among us keep donating money to them, they feel empowered.

    2) So long as we have propagandists; who pass for activist and journalist promoting their scam online, nothing will change.

    It is not a suprise that the same people who claim to be in the struggle for many years are the ones pushing our young to senseless death in an ill-conceived strategy. These are people with absolutely no sound judgement passing for commanders and generals.

    The average time for a liberation struggle is 20 years. Anyone who thinks our people on ground zero will tolerate this for 20 years is a fool. Give it a few months and the people on ground zero will move on.

    I have never seen a set of stupid people like this.

  3. Jojo

    March 13, 2018 at 3:33 PM

    Good point Amba. Also some good notes on the Narrator writeups, but let us not forget that we are minority and starting this foolish hit and run strategy in others regions will be a suicide. Those calling for this type of ideas better be ready for genocide and I they will be held responsible for innocent death.

  4. George

    March 13, 2018 at 3:54 PM

    Hit and run is a well approved tactic. It is the initial step in every guerilla warfare which eventual liberate an area. But the self defense groups need more logistics and co-ordination. Most of all they must co-operate with each other and the local population. I mean their aim is to protect civilians. And of course possible targets are representatives of the regime such as SDOs, DOs. It is obviously the weakest point of the oppressor. Punishment of traitors was applied by the Vietcong / Viet Minh in Vietnam liberation war too. Chiefs who were spying for the Americans were punished.

    @Amba: can you name “them” please? Otherwise it is a free interpretation by the reader.

  5. spear

    March 13, 2018 at 4:31 PM

    Adopting or capturing a low key anglophone SDO or administrator is not a good strategy that will rattle la republic in any way.
    Watch!! Biya and his collaborators will care less about the capturing of some anglophone SDO or administrator. IT CAN BE UNDERSTANDABLE IF THE CAPTURED INDIVIDUALS ARE ONE OF THOSE FRANCOPHONE ADMINISTRATORS, MILITARY PERSONNELS, TCHIROMA, ATANGA NJI, PHILEMON YANG, ESSO, BETI etc.
    Cho Ayaba and whichever group is doing this should put away their differences and ego for the good of Ambaland and rather focus their energy AND attention in working collaboratively with the Ambazonia Interim Gov’t (IG) and other groups to secretly come up with a coordinated plan which will cause a splash and make la republic feel it right in their core while at the same time protecting our people and their pproperties.

    • George

      March 13, 2018 at 5:45 PM

      I meant francophone admins.

      We shall work together. A strong leader is able to listen to others. He rather tries to unite than to divide. That’s why Sisiku is so dangerous for la Republique. They even fear him so much that the block any information.

      We shall not forget our boys and girls on ground zero. They have shown unimaginable bravery against well eqipped East Camerounian forces. Our highest priority must be to support them.

    • Pa Dee

      March 13, 2018 at 6:43 PM

      Well said Spear. A 100 worthless hostages won’t count. One valuable hostage will do the trick and it takes time, technique and resources to have that kind of valuable hostage. That is what i would fund with my bottom dollar, not the going after student gendarmes, little boys just getting through puberty. That’s infanticide.

  6. Luap Ayib

    March 13, 2018 at 8:13 PM

    I urge the author of this article to go and read the history of colonialism and liberation struggles since their analysis seems to be devoid of any historical context. LRC politicians and soldiers are acting in the way that is typical of all colonialist and their indisciplined troops throughout history so we have to use the same tactics that have been successful with other liberation struggles.
    You would have learned from history that liberation fighters do not go to the country of the colonialists to wage war because that will even give them more excuses not to leave. All colonial powers used indigenous people to suppress revolts and to kill their own people. This means that restoration forces have to focus their fighting in their own territory which they know very well and have the sympathy of the populace. Collaborators with LRC whether they are Ambazonians or not have to be prepared for the consequences. They know that they are traitors and should not be treated any differently. Would you have asked the Kenyans, Angolans, Algerians, etc not to fight the colonialists because whole villages were being burnt and citizens arrested indiscriminately? Did the people of South Sudan go to the North to wage war or did the East Timorese go to Indonesia to fight Indonesians for their independence?

    This is war and you have to expect some suffering and be prepared for war crimes by LRC. We have two choices i.e. keep fighting to get rid of LRC rule or surrender and live as second class citizens forever.
    The advice in this article if followed will actually lead the struggle to fail because there will be a lack of focus and traitors will feel that because they are Ambazonians they will not have a price to pay for their treachery.

    • George

      March 13, 2018 at 8:34 PM

      Thumbs up!!!

    • Amba

      March 13, 2018 at 10:58 PM

      I don’t know anyone who is against self defense. But I can assure you kidnapping a delegate of Social Services is not self defense. This is a person who is just a bureaucrat trying to feed himself and his family. He is not in the chain of command of La Republique military services.

      What this will do is fast track our classification as a terrorist organizations. You can be sure this will not be limited to the ADF even though the ADF may be the cause. Once la Republique and France succeed to get the EU and the U.S. to classify us all as terrorist, you can kiss the struggle goodbye forever. You will not be able to open a bank account or raise money for the struggle. Donating money to the struggle becomes a crime.

      That is what La Republique has been hoping for. We are helping them get there faster than one can imagine. Our so call self defense groups are taking credit for killings and other atrocities committed by La Republique just so they can come online and fund raise. Taking credit for kidnapping is the surest way to get you classified as a terrorist organization.

      Let me say this here: this struggle will be won by the side with the best strategy not the side with the most resources or by the number of military officers you kill.

      Anyone who has a Brian will tell you Southern Cameroons will hardly be a country if we don’t have a good relationship with Nigeria. Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe was trying to win Nigeria on our side. Sometimes ago some military officers from La Republique were killed. He came out and issued a statement condemning the killings of both civilians and military. He was criticized and redicle for being weak. Your so call commander went on RFI and proudly took credit for the killings. Where are we today? Nigeria has joined ranks with La Republique. This is the difference between people who think strategically and people who use their emotions. The ADF is taking you through an emotional ride that will land you in the middle of the ocean.

      Part of winning a liberation struggle involved getting recognition from other countries. Kidnapping of civilians does not win you any friends.

  7. Pa Dee

    March 14, 2018 at 2:22 AM

    It’s hard to say exactly which strategy is the winning strategy unless it is tested. I remember the days we said just a law firm could be hired to get the job done since we were fighting a just cause. Sooner or later we found out it was a fantasy.

  8. saa

    March 15, 2018 at 4:17 PM

    THERE IS EVERY INDICATION THAT OUR LEADERS SESEKO JULIUS AYUK TABE AND MEMBERS OF HIS CABINET ABDUCTED WERE MURDERED. It could be clearly seen from Tchiroma’s body language when he gave that infamous press conference about the abduction of our leaders right up till present when no one not even the lawyers has seen any of them. AMBAZONIA PEOPLE WAKE UP.

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