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I received a Spiritual Message To Lead Change In Cameroon- Youth Politician



BaretaNews (BN) in exclusive interview met with Prince Ekosso, a youth leader who has declared his intentions to run in 2018 Presidential candidate brings his thoughts to the Cameroons people. He described his vision and what he thinks about this current regime and the Cameroons.

BN: Welcome to BaretaNews

Thank you so very much for inviting me to BaretaNews and to this exclusive interview.

BN:Who is Prince Ekosso?

My full names as it appears in my official documents are Prince Michael NGWESE EKOSSO. I am a motivational speaker, teacher, evangelist, politician, philosopher, and advisor. I am also the Porte Parole N° 2 of JUSTICE PLUS (An International NGO which is fighting against human rights abuses), the President and founder of United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP), Pioneer President of Cameroon Pace Setters Association (CPSA, an all-encompassing network of Godly political, social, and economic leaders of Cameroon with headquarters in Buea. My wife, Ekosso Mekolle Linda and I, together with our two children have accepted the call to serve the present and future generation of Cameroonians towards the redefinition of concepts and principle-centered approach in discovering, releasing, and maximizing their God-given potential trapped in them by a failed regime of Mr. Paul


BN:I guess you have been following BaretaNews, what are your impressions?

BaretaNews is operating within the context of a globalized world. People need information on what is happening around the world and they need it fast. BaretaNews is doing just that like we have Break News on CNN, which is the same way I perceive BaretaNews operating.

BN:Let us come back to you, we read you as a Presidential candidate in 2018 elections, what prompted you to get into politics?

As a matter of fact, my passion for nation building has two origins. It has a social origin and also a spiritual origin. As for the social origin, I once present during the last electoral campaigns at the Omni-Sport Stadium in Yaounde of Mr. John Fru Ndi during 1992 Presidential. I witness for the first time and first hand the courage of a man with a vision (John Fru Ndi). I also witnessed the political hostilities and violence during that period here in Yaounde and in other parts of Cameroon. I was a victim of physical and verbal violence from our men and women in uniform and from the CPDM party just because I spoke English when I was confronted by a CPDM crowd around Brasseries du Cameroun at Mvan, in Yaounde, even though I was not a member of any political party back then. From that moment, an ignition to address national issues and to preach true democracy started welling up in me. I said to myself, I cannot be a Cameroonian and I see other Cameroonians kill themselves in the name of politics without doing anything about it. I said to myself, this is not politics, this is not who we are, we are better than this, we are all Cameroonians. I was just about 16 back then.

On the spiritual part, during my stay out of Cameroon, I had lots of messages coming to me from men and women of God who did not really know me telling me that God wants me to go back to my country and to help the nation to move forward. The messages became a nightmare to my spirit and were transformed into a desperate conviction to come back to Cameroon and to contribute towards putting in place effective systems for concrete economic, social and political development in Cameroon.

BN:Can you really challenge Biya?

Nobody can effectively challenge or even change the systems in Cameroon if God has not mandated the person for the job. However, when we look at the political shift nowadays, I am confident to say, anything can happen. My focus and target group are the youths, the God fearing Cameroonians, and Cameroonians in the Diaspora. With this category of Cameroonians behind us, we are confident that we will win.


BN:What are your main political vision for the Cameroons

  • Fight against corruption. We are focusing on the de-intoxication of the minds and mentalities of Cameroonians from the spirit of corruption: by instituting policies to fight corruption. For example, we will institute a taxation policy which is transparent and which ease the process of foreign investments in Cameroon. We will also work alongside with educational institutions and encourage religious organizations to create civic curriculums to promote moral virtues and values which are related to the fear of God the Creator of all things from whom all leadership should draw inspiration.


  • Effective Decentralization
    In order to allow each region of the country to assert its own identity through a strong and united Cameroon, effective decentralization becomes an emergency. In each region, governors shall manage the affairs of the region. This will enable each region to meet the aspirations of the people in these different regions with key elements such as: Governors and some regional leaders who are elected and not appointed, Equalization of all natural resources across the country so that the regions that produce the wealth to benefit adequately from these riches primarily, Establishing effective policies that allow people to hold local officials accountable for their development, Redefine our national economic strategies for development.
  • In order to create jobs and wealth, we will emphasize on the establishment of industries in the peripheries. That is to say, we will take develop projects into the local areas so as to keep the population in that locality focused in developing their areas than to be moving into urban cities which creates more stress and pollution. Through the application and putting into place a national economic policy plan which will encourage national and foreign investors that creates jobs and wealth for our people. These will help Cameroonians put food on their table and enabling their children to have good education.
  • The creation of a 10 regional States administered by elected Governors and other regional administrators. This is fundamental as per the concept of regional balance development and the development of both natural and human resources at the regional levels, so as to resolve the problem of rural exodus (Effective Decentralization). We will develop industries at local levels such as the solar energy sector so that we can drive the vision of industralization faster, encourage research in our mineral resources, and create short and long term jobs for the youths.
  • Redefine and revolutionalize the education system in Cameroon by harmonising, so as to bring out the true spirit of national unity and to produce a citizenry that understands its socio-cultural, economic and political history, and to use the various national features to initiate development. Make primary education free and obligatory. Provide scholarships for bright and excellent students at secondary to university levels. Emphasize on technology, agriculture, transformation or primary products, produce more in order to export to neighbouring nations. Note, there are at least 6 nations around Cameroon which depends on Cameroon at least 60%.

BN:Do you think an Anglophone can be President?

Cameroon is a bilingual nation. This means, there are two basic national cultures in Cameroon, English and French. These cultures must be respected, it must be upheld, and it must be promoted at all cost. This is what makes us a bilingual nation; this is what makes us a Republic. Therefore, it is not a matter of French or English; rather, it is a matter of being a Cameroonian. Constitutionally, every Cameroonian who has a good vision for the nation should be given the chance to propose his/her vision to the people. The sovereignty is of and by the people, they are the once who can decide whether an English speaking Cameroon has the ability and vision for the people. And from every indication, English speaking Cameroonians (Anglophones) have men and women who have the leadership, moral, spiritual and intellectual capacity to lead this nation to safe heavens, especially in this season where the nation has been exploited by so many of our Francophone compatriots for the past 50 years.

BN:What is your vision for the Cameroonian Youth?

I do believe that every generation is responsible for the fate of the society. The youths of this country constitute 70% of the entire population which is necessary for creating a very strong and vibrant economy. So, we have established a shadow cabinet where 70% of the members are young dynamic entrepreneurs and experts in their domains, while 30% of our cabinet is made up of aged persons whose role shall be basically advisory. This will also apply to local administrations in the nation, either through election or appointments.

BN:What happened with the failed CDC Bota protest?

Point of correction, the CDC Bota protest was not a failure. There were too many threats and discussions which took place between us and the administrators of Fako. However, two major things happened on that day of the protest, the 15th July, 2016. First, there was terrible weather condition which though did not deter our plans, except for the fact that most of the protesters were very aged persons whose health looked very fragile. We considered the heavy rains, and the possible violence which we were expecting from our men in uniforms, and we decided to protect the health of our veterans against the harsh weather especially that some were already complaining with the distance we were to cover. Secondly, the General Manager of CDC released a communiqué that early morning which got into our hands. This communiqué revealed three fundamental weapons which we will use to relaunch another national protest. I will encourage everyone to look into the communiqué which the GM of CDC released on the 14th July, 2016.

The Article of association which was validated through a Presidential decree N° 2016/032 of 19 January 2016 revealed the following:

It reads thus: “The head office shall be at Bota-Limbe. However, it may be transferred to any other place in the country by resolution of the extraordinary general assembly. The change of the place of the head office shall entail an amendment of the articles of association of the corporation. The amended articles of association shall be subject to approval by decree of the President of the Republic.”

From this portion of the Document which regulates the functioning of CDC, we can clearly see into it that there is a manipulating tendency to make the transfer of CDC possible upon presidential decree. And as we know, the regime is run through decrees, instead of allowing democratic precepts to proceed the functions of a democratic nation which they claim Cameroon is.

Moreover, there is the aspect of compensation of local indegenes whose lands have been occupied for several without any compensation by the State. During the days of the Germans, the indegenes were entitled to royalties from the land occupied by the plantation. If the State is taking over the plantation, then, the State should be ready to pay the royalties to the local indegenes whose economic and social development has been limited because of the plantation.

Today, Cameroonians from the Fako division find it extremely difficult to have land due to the plantation, and coupled with the fact that Administrators have conived with some local chiefs to amass lands for themselves, leaving the poor population vulnerable to all sorts of attacks and intimidation from members of the administration in Fako.

Moreover, the living condition of the CDC workers is very deplorable. A family of about 8 living in a two bedroom house. His/her salary makes life even more miserable, and he/she works under the sun and under the rain for very long hours.

So, we are planning for another very serious protest which shall be coming up soon, where we will address the above mentioend issues and more.

BN:President Biya recently promised Cameroonian University students laptops. Most Cameroonians negatively reacted to it. What is your position?


Mr. Paul Biya is a good man, but he is an unfortunate president. This is because for over 34 years Mr. Paul Biya has been contradicting his own policies. Some few months back, he announced a special fund for the youths to carry out agricultural projects, and urges the youths to go to the farm. Today, he is borrowing 75 billion CFA from a EXIM bank of China to buy 500.000 Laptops to give to the same youths he bullied at them to go to the farm.

-Also, in 2014, Mr Paul Biya announced an Economic Emergency Plan. Today, he is talking about 500.000 Laptops. I was speaking to one of my economic advisers the other, and he explained that with 25 billion, we can set up a company on technological development and employ more than 500.000 young Cameroonians who are risking their lives every day to travel to nations where living is on high risk.

USDP has a 10 year economic plan which will put this nation on the thresh hold of respectable nations in Africa and in the world. People want jobs which will put food on their tables, not laptops. USDP will create jobs, and we will put the youths back to work and boost their entrepreuneurship in business development and techinological advancement. In the agricualtrual sector alone, we will encourage the production of food and cash crops some of which will be transformed locally and exported. With the 75 billion, we have reduced unemployment drastically in Cameroon. This action from Mr. Paul Biya is wrong priority and I smell something fishy in this laptop matter. If I were given the chance, I will encourage the youths to re-sell those laptops and use the money for something more serious.

BN:Why do you think you will be different from Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi if Cameroonians elect you as their President?

Thank you very much for this serious question. I will want Cameroonians to remember me in three ways.

  • When I become the president, I will create a system which allows the three main arms of the government to function independently. That is the Executive carries out policies, the Parliament vote and deliberates on laws, and while the Judiciary redefines those laws and how it is translated into society without fear or favor.
  • 70% of the population is being marginalized. I will create a system where people get what they merit and merit what they get.
  • I will detach myself from party politics as President, and I will serve my two terms and step down.

BN:How is USDP and the various political initiatives which you take towards CHANGE in Cameroon sponsored?

For the most part, I have been using my personal means to carry out and sponsor the various political initiative of USDP. Though from time to time, USDP receives periodic supports for certain assignments from some members and sympathizers.


BN: BaretaNews is so passionate about the Anglophone Problem. To you what is it and how will you solve it?

The Anglophone problem in Cameroon is a very vital issue to nation building. Unfortunately some politicians today are trying to deny the erorrs and mistakes of politicians of the 1950s in the 21st century. The reunification principles and codes were never really established, talkless of being respected. That was the beginning of the Anglophone problem which has now become Cameroon problem. And it is very dangerous and disastrous to try and build or unite a people under the principles of lies and deception. I have a very strong personal conviction that one of the reasons why the regime of Mr Paul Biya is finding it very difficult to manage this country properly is because the foundation of their policies is based on falsehood and lies. Nation building is a spirit activity, and spiritual living has principles which should not be violated. One of those principles is that: “those who live by the sword will die by the sword”. In other words, when the foundation of your leadership is based on pretense, falsehood, lies, hypocricy and evil practices, then, you will get evil returns. Mr. Paul Biya has expressed shock severally in his national speeches why the nation is not developing eventhough there is plenty and enough resources in the nation. Let him look more on the truth about the conditions of reunification which has placed a people as second class citizens for more than 50 years now. I call that oppression, and oppression is punishable by God.


To solve the problem is very easy. First, I will call the SCNC into constructive dialogue and redefine our constitution to ressemble that of a true United Republics. I will also allow that the 10 regions vote their governors not by appointment. In this way, each governor will be on a serious competition to develop their regions and to satisfy their people. This will also create private investment and facilitate developmental projects both at private and publis level. When the people get their power and true independence again, the will determine who becomes their leader or President.

BN:How can people contact you and United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP)?

USDP’s postal address is P.O.Box 31237


Tel: +237 675 51 4817/681079051

Whatsapp: 654567720

Facebook Group Page: The Next President of Cameroon


BN: Any final word?

BaretaNews is really creating the possibilities of free communication, and I will like to encourage such initiatives. Moreover, I will like to encourage the youths to join USDP because USDP is the political platform for the present and future generation of Cameroonians. I will like to encourage Cameroonians at home and in the Diaspora who have political ambition to join USDP, because there is space for everyone.

Thank you, God bless BaretaNews, and may God bless USDP and Cameroon

Interviewed by Mark Bara

CEO and Publisher BaretaNews

God is still saying something.


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